Episode 406.
01-29-68  pre-empted for LUTHER special.
          Norman seeks a showdown with Eddie Jacks.

WA:       Today, for the second time, Constance Mackenzie Carson saw a 
          strange young girl looking in at her through the book shop window.  
          This time she forced the girl, who calls herself Jill Smith into 
          a conversation.  It was a disturbing one, and has left Constance 
          deeply shaken. 

Intro:    Constance walks along the sidewalk to the Carson house carrying 
          baby Matthew. 

Scene 1:  Constance comes in the house and hands baby Matthew to Elliot.   
          Elliot asks Constance if she is tired.  Constance agrees that she 
          is and needs to rest.  She tells Elliot that Jill is looking for 
          a job.  Constance says that Jill was very open about the fact that 
          the baby doesn't have a father.  She relates to Elliot that Jill 
          says that she hasn't seen her parents for over a year.  

          Elliot asks, "Are you trying to tell me you know?  That you're 
          absolutely sure?"  Constance says, "We both admitted it was 
          possible.  Elliot says, "You sound as if you know Allison was 

Scene 2:  In his law office, Steven is working as he is buzzed.  Miss 
          Nolan lets Jill Smith in Steven's office.  Jill introduces herself 
          and shakes hands with Steven.  Steven mentions that Dr. Rossi sent 
          her over.  Steven asks what he can do for her.  Jill wants to know 
          if anyone can take her baby away from her.  Steven says only if 
          someone can prove that she is an un-fit mother.  Steven asks 
          her if she has a right to keep the baby.  If Jill is under-age 
          then her parents still have jurisdiction over her.  Steven asks 
          Jill what she will do with the baby while she is working. 

Scene 3:  Eddie Jacks is tending bar in the tavern and talking with one 
          of the regular clients.  Eddie is talking about a horse as Norman 
          comes in the tavern.  Norman asks if he can talk with Eddie.  
          Eddie tells the customer that Norman is his future partner in the 
          Harrington Jacks Stables.  Norman says that he wished that Eddie 
          would get on that filly and just ride off.  Eddie says that he is 
          trying to make his daughter happy. 

Scene 4:  Steven is working in his office as Betty comes in to sign some 
          papers.  He has a photograph of Betty on his desk.  Steven tells 
          Betty that they have almost a year before the divorce is final.  
          Betty says that they mean nothing to each other.  They argue about 
          each other's indiscretions.  Steven tells her that she can't just 
          walk away.  Steven insists, "You belong to me now, the same way 
          you belonged to me on our wedding night.  Steven says, "You're 
          mine," and then forcefully kisses her.  She doesn't respond.  
          Steven then slaps her quite hard.  Betty leaves.  

Scene 5:  Eddie Jacks comes in Rita's hospital room quietly and lays down 
          his overcoat and hat.  Rita is sleeping.  She rouses and asks him 
          why he is there.  Eddie says that he got a call from a friend who 
          is offering him a job.  Half ownership in a fancy cocktail lounge.  
          Rita says that he is lying.  Eddie asks whenever he told her a lie.  
          She asks who would ever give away half of a cocktail lounge.  Eddie 
          says that he left Ada a note.  He didn't want to hang around and get 
          a black eye.  Eddie says that he has to be practical.  Eddie says 
          that he is moving down state and he will come back for the big event.  
          Rita says that there isn't really a job.  Eddie says that they will 
          write.  Rita has a sudden attack.  Eddie goes out in the corridor and 
          calls for a nurse.  Miss Choate responds.  Eddie tells another nurse 
          to get Dr. Rossi.  Nurse Choate tends to Rita. 
Preview:  Eli Carson talks with Jill.  Dr. Rossi talks to Norman.  In the 
          livingroom of the mansion, Steven talks to Rodney and provokes 
          a fight. 

          EC:  Don't get upset.  I'm being personal and I'm being rude. 
          JS:  I don't have a boy friend.     
          EC:  I think you have.
          JS:  I do not.
          EC:  I think you've got boy friend trouble.

          MR:  Norman, I'm afraid she's going to have to have surgery.  
               I can't promise you anything.

          SC:  I've been waiting for this for a long time.

          [Steven stands and Rodney promptly slugs Steven.]