Episode 407.
          Steven relates Jill Smith's new story ro Constance.

WA:       Eddie Jacks has been a parent for 19 years.  But tonight, in a 
          single moment of absolute honesty, he became a father.  He 
          admitted to his daughter, Rita, that he was leaving town 
          because there didn't seem to be room enough in her life for 
          himself and her young husband, Norman.  The result, the full 
          onslaught of Rita's heart problem. 

Intro:    Eddie is holding Rita's left hand.  Miss Choate applies an oxygen 
          mask to Rita's nose and mouth.  Another nurse is watching. 

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi comes in to attend to Rita.  He is wearing a business 
          suit and has a stethescope around his neck.  Dr. Rossi tries to 
          re-assure Rita that they have known about her heart problem and 
          they can deal with it.  Rossi tells nurse Choate that they will 
          have to watch her very carefully.  Rossi gives her a shot of 
          morphine to slow down her heartbeat.  Eddie goes over to talk 
          with Norman.  Norman accuses Eddie of telling Rita that he was 
          leaving.  Rossi comes over and tells them both to get out of 
          Rita's room. 

Scene 2:  Betty goes into her room at the Colonial Post Inn and admires 
          herself in the large mirror.  The phone rings.  Betty lets it 
          ring several times before answering.  She is told that Mr. 
          Harrington is there to see her.  She asks which Mr. Harrington.  
          Betty says that she can't see him right then.  She says that 
          she can't see him that night.  She abruptly hangs up. 

Scene 3:  Jill, in high heels, is standing on the second rung of a step 
          ladder as Elliot Carson enters the General Store.  Elliot 
          introduces himself.  She says that she knew who he was because 
          she had peeked in the Clarion window.  They talk briefly and 
          Kelly begins to cry.  Jill picks her up and hands her to 
          Elliot.  Jill brings a bottle of milk for Kelly.  Jill asks 
          Elliot if he likes babies.  He allows that he likes dry babies.  
          Jill says that it is unusual for a man of Elliot's age to have 
          a baby.  Elliot tells Jill that he is 103.  Jill rotates the 
          flour mill and Elliot leaves.  

          Eli comes in and asks Elliot what he came in for.  Talking or 
          buying.  Eli tells Jill there is a difference between being 
          blunt and being rude.  Eli tells Jill that Elliot is a good 
          father.  Eli asks Jill where her boy friend is.  Eli tells Jill 
          that she can dish it out but she can't take it. 

Scene 4:  Rodney knocks on Betty's door and she goes over slowly and 
          opens it.  Rodney asks if he had done something.  She says no, 
          that she just didn't want to see him the previous night.  Rodney 
          notices the bruise on Betty's cheek.  Rodney asks why she met 
          with Steven.  She said that he had some papers for her to sign.  
          Rodney says that it isn't over with Steven.  Rodney starts to go.  

Scene 5:  Back in Rita's room, Dr. Rossi is giving her an EEG.  He asks 
          nurse Choate to call Dr. [Lewis Johnny] Remmick in Boston
          Rossi says that he is going to try some more digitalis.  Dr. 
          Fielding is paged to emergency.  Choate makes a phone call as 
          Norman comes up to talk with Eddie.  Norman berates Eddie.  Rossi 
          tells Eddie that Dr. Remmick is coming up from Boston.  He says 
          that Dr. Remmick is one of the best heart disease men.  Norman 
          asks Rossi if he is sure that Rita needs surgery.  Rossi says that 
          he is not sure.  Dr. Mitchell is paged to call the desk. 

Scene 6:  Rodney comes in the livingroom of the mansion and speaks briefly 
          to Steven.  Steven gets up and the engage briefly in fisticuffs.  
          Mary comes in and says that she is going to call the police no 
          matter what Steven says.  They continue to fight in front of 
          the fireplace.  The phone rings.  Mary answers and tells Rodney 
          that it is his brother, and that it is urgent.  Norman tells 
          Rodney that they want to do heart surgery on Rita.  They want 
          his permission.  Rodney tells him that he will be right there.  
          Rodney orders Steven not to touch Betty again.  Rodney leaves. 

Preview:  Constance talks to Jill.  Leslie talks to Steven.  Rita talks 
          to Dr. Rossi. 

          CM:  Allison wasn't going to have a baby.  Now, why are we so sure 
               about Allison?  Tell me.

          LH:  I don't know what pleases me more.  The fact that Rod and Betty 
               are getting together or that he took you apart.  Well, you may 
               have the old man's house, but you don't have his style. 

          RJ:  What about my baby?  You lied to me. You brought me into this 
               hospital because you told me you were concerned about my baby.

Dr. Fielding-uncredited. 
Dr. Lewis Johnny Remmick-Richard Bull.