Episode 408.
          Rita undergoes open heart surgery.
WA:       Rodney Harrington has just come from an angry confrontation 
          with Steven Cord.  What began as an argument over Steven's 
          wife, Betty, exploded inevitably into a fist fight.  A fight 
          that was never resolved.  It was interrupted by an urgent phone 
          call from Norman summoning Rodney to the hospital with the 
          shattering news that Rita had suffered a sudden medical crisis. 
          One that she might not survive. 

Intro:    Rodney drives up to Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi explains what happened to Rita.  He says that Rita 
          has a pulmonary edema.  She was litearally drowning in her own 
          fluid.  They must clear her lungs before she could have surgery.  
          It is necessary to remove the scar tissue from the heart.  Norman 
          is rather rude to Dr. Rossi.  Rodney asks how big the risk is.  
          Rossi says the chances of recovery are very good.  Rossi leaves.  
          Norman and Rodney sit on a bench and talk.  Dr. Mitchell is paged 
          to call the desk.  Norman says that he can't live without Rita.  
          Norman says that he can't gamble with her life.  They go in Rossi's 

Scene 2:  In Rita's room, nurse Choate is giving Rita a drink of water.  
          Rita is very thirsty.  Dr. Rossi tells Choate not to give her any 
          more liquids.  He says they were able to take care of the edema, 
          with a closed mitral valve ulotomy.  Rossi explains that Dr. 
          Remmick is a heart specialist.  Norman tells Rita that he dosn't 
          want to take a chance with her.  Rita and Rossi argue about whether 
          Rossi lied to her.  He had told her he was concerned about her baby.  
          He was also concerned about her heart.  She asks when the operation 
          will be.  He says, "How about this afternoon."  Rita asks if Eddie 
          had left.  Norman says that Eddie is still in the hospital.  Rita 
          asks to see him.  Norman assures her everything will be all right. 

Scene 3:  Leslie shows up at the mansion and Mary tells him that Steven doesn't 
          want to see anyone.  Leslie insists on seeing Steven, that Steven had 
          asked him to come over.  Steven is holding an ice pack on his face 
          from the fight he had with Rodney. 

Scene 4:  Eddie and Ada are talking to Dr. Rossi about Rita's impending 
          operation.  Rossi tells them that Rita must have faith in the 
          doctor and her parents.  They go in to see Rita.  Eddie is very 
          upbeat, a little bit too upbeat, actually.  Rita tells Eddie 
          that she thought he might be gone.  Eddie tells Rita that he is 
          going to sell the bar and by a horse ranch just outside town.  
          They will raise race horses.  Miss Choate comes back in and 
          Eddie and Ada leave. 

Scene 5:  Eli climbs the steps to the boarding house.  He knocks on 
          Jill's door and comes in to visit.  He gives her a rather bad 
          time about the way she is taking care of the baby.  He tells 
          her she should go home to her parents.  Constance shows up and 
          fusses at Jill about what Jill hasn't told her about Allison.  
          Jill says, "I'm not Allison".  And leaves. 

Scene 6:  Rita Jacks is put on a gurney and rolled down the corridor to 

Preview:  Leslie talks to Steven.  Jill talks to Ada.  Miss Choate talks 
          with Dr. Rossi. 

          LH:  Pregnant.  Non-pregnant.  Pregnant.  Non-pregnant.  Really, 
               I've got a mill to run.  
          SC:  What do you know about your son Rodney's relationship with  

          JS:  You sound like my mother.  You're all alike. She's an 
               authority on everything, too.  She's a rotten mother. 

          MC:  She was fine.  Suddenly she began having contractions.
          DR:  Take her into surgery.