Episode 409.
          Rita undergoes open heart surgery.
WA:       Rita Jacks Harrington, Norman Harrington's young wife, is 
          undergoing heart surgery.  Dr. Michael Rossi, Rita's 
          doctor, is assisting.  A specialist in cardiac disease, Dr. 
          Lewis Remmick, has been summoned from Boston and is 
          supervising.  The purpose of the operation is to clear scar 
          tissue from one of the principal passages in Rita's heart, and 
          thus permit normal circulation.  The passage can be cleared in 
          only one way, direct surgery.  There is the possibility, of 
          course, of failure. 

Intro:    Main entrance to Doctors Hospital.  Dr. Rossi and Dr. Lewis 
          Johnny Remmick walking in the Hospital Corridor. 

Scene 1:  Miss Choate suggests that Norman and Rodney wait in Rossi's 
          office.  Dr. Fielding is paged.  Rodney and Norman talk.  
          Norman looks at a folder on heart drawings.  He relates that 
          Dr. Rossi told him all about the heart.  Betty comes in to 
          comfort Norman. 

Scene 2:  Steven is sitting in an easy chair in the livingroom of the 
          mansion, reading, as the chimes ring.  He calls for Mary.  She 
          doesn't answer.  Steven goes to the door and admits Jill.  Jill 
          says that she went to see that Mr. Easton he sent her to.  She 
          doesn't like him.  Steven asks her what she wants.  Steven 
          tells Jill that she doesn't have a case.  Jill tells Steven 
          that the baby is Allison Mackenzie's.  Steven asks if she can 
          prove it.  She wants to know if Steven will help her. 

Scene 3:  Meanwhile, back at Doctors Hospital, the elevator door opens 
          and Rossi tells Norman, Rodney, and Betty that Rita is fine.  
          Eddie walks up.  Rossi says that Rita has been taken to 
          intensive care. 

Scene 4:  Constance is lying on the couch as Elliot comes over.  Elliot 
          says that they can resolve the situation.  Constance complains 
          about the harassing phone calls. 

Scene 5:  Jill is on the wharf carring her baby.  She is stopped by Eli 
          in front of Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Jill asks Ada if she can come 
          in for a moment.  Ada asks if she wants to borrow a bottle of 
          milk.  Ada says that it is girl.  Jill says she didn't want to 
          be rude to Eli but she didn't want to talk with him.  Ada again 
          offers warm milk for the baby.  Ada scolds Jill.  Jill says, 
          "You sound like my mother.  She is an authority on everything, 
          too.  She is a rotten mother." 

Scene 6:  Steven goes into Leslie's office at the mill.  Leslie asks 
          Steven to take off his coat.  Leslie asks what the girl's name.  
          Steven says that the girl said the baby was Allison 
          Mackenzie's.  Steven says, "If your memory improves, call me."  
          And leaves. 

Scene 7:  A blonde-headed nurse brings hot chocolate to Rossi in his 
          office.  The machine is out of coffee and she couldn't find the 
          maintenance man to let her in the supply room to get some more.  
          The coffee machine is empty except for hot chocolate and 
          chicken soup.  Rossi asks if she can get him a sandwich.  He 
          asks if Remmick has left yet to return to Boston.  The nurse 
          says she thinks he is in intensive care.  Dr. Lewis 
          Johnny Remmick comes in and says he is on his way back 
          to Boston.  Rossi asks how she looks.  Remmick says, "Good, it 
          helps to be young."  Rossi thanks him.  Rossi calls him John, 
          even though the narrator calls him Lewis.  A nurse comes 
          in to tell them that Rita has had a relapse.  Miss Choate says 
          that Rita has started having contractions.  The doctors head 
          back to surgery.  Rossi says, "She has a mother and a father 
          and a dream.  Now it's a nightmare." 

Preview:  Rita talks with Dr. Rossi.  Ada talks to Eddie.  Steven talks 
          with Constance.  

          RJ:  All I want to know is, is it a boy or a girl?
          MR:  Try and understand.
          RJ:  Not until you answer my questions.

          AJ:  Where are you going now?  Back to the hospital for another 
               big goodbye to your daughter?  Like the last one that 
               almost cost her her life? 

          SC:  I need proof that Kelly is Allison's child.
          CM:  And how would you go about doing that?
          SC:  By asking Allison's mother.

Nurse, name not given.
Mr. Easton, probably an attorney-only mentioned.
Mary-Rose Hobart.
Dr. Lewis Johnny Remmick-Richard Bull.
  Rossi always calls him Johnny.