Episode 410.
          Steven relates Jill's story to Constance.

WA:       Rita Harrington has successfully undergone open heart surgery.  
          But the promise of a full and happy life has been smashed by an 
          uncontrollable act of nature.  Rita has had a miscarriage. 
          She has lost the baby she and her husband wanted so desperately.  
          And now Dr. Michael Rossi must find the words 

to tell her. 
Intro:    Outside main entrance to Doctors Hospital.  Rita in room 101.  
          Heart monitor. 
Scene 1:  The nurse calls Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Rossi is in his office reading 
          a newspaper.  He receives a call that Mrs. Harrington is awake 
          now.  He goes to room 101 and speaks to Norman before going in 
          to check on Rita.  Rossi asks how she feels.  She says that she 
          feels drunk.  Rossi tells her it is caused by the sedative.  
          Rita asks, "All I want to know is, is it a boy or a girl?"  
          Rita says she felt the contractions and assumes that the baby 
          was born pre-mature.  Rossi gently tells her that she had a 
          mis-carriage, but he says that there is no medical reason why 
          she can't have as many babies as she wants. 
Scene 2:  Constance is dusting the merchandise in the Book Gallery as 
          Steven comes in to talk.  Steven tells her that he wants 
          information for a client.  Steven wants to know if Allison was 
          pregnant when she disappeared.  He says that Jill claims that 
          Kelly is Allison's baby.  Steven asks Constance if she has any 
          idea who the father might be.  Steven is about to leave as 
          Elliot comes in.  Elliot asks what that was all about.  She 
          says that Steven is a lawyer and he needs law books. 
Scene 3:  Standing about 15 feet apart, Steven and Betty exchange glances 
          on the square. 
Scene 4:  Ada returns to the Tavern to find Eddie's bag packed.  Ada asks 
          Eddie if he left a note.  Eddie says he's not good at notes.  
          Ada gives Eddie a picture of Rita in maternity clothes.  Ada 
          tells Eddie about raising Rita.  Eddie says they couldn't have 
          hurt her more if they had tried.  Eddie says there won't be any 
          more goodbyes.  He goes outside and walks over to his old 
          jalopy preparing to leave town.  Ada asks Eddie not to leave.  
          He says Norman will never trust him.  She convinces him to 
          stay.  [Eddie does leave in episode 430, 05-09-68.] 
Scene 5:  In the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is looking under the hood of a 
          car as Betty comes in.  She tells him she heard about Rita 
          losing her baby.  Betty touches Rodney's cheek and asks if it 
          still hurts.  It doesn't.  She shows Rodney that she has taken 
          Steven's ring off, once and for all.  Betty says that "when you 
          fall off cloud nine, it's a long way down." 
Scene 6:  Norman walks over to the Information Desk and asks miss Choate 
          if he can see Rita.  She tells Norman not to stay too long.  He 
          goes in room 101 to see Rita.  The nurse tells Norman, "just a 
          few minutes," and then leaves.  Rita says, "Norman you look 
          terrible."  He says, "You should see the other guy."  Rita is 
          surprisingly in good humor.  Norman kisses Rita gently and 
          tells her that he loves her.  The heart monitor is still seen 
          in the foreground. 
Scene 7:  Rossi comes back into room 101 and talks with Rita for a 
          moment.  He leaves and talks with Norman in the corridor.  
          Rossi tells Norman that Rita needs a lot of help.  [The large 
          directory is seen beyond the double doors in the reception 

Preview:  none.  

Dr. Lewis Johnny Remmick-Richard Bull.