Episode 411.
          Steven gives a ride to a stranger, Joe Rossi.
WA:       Ever since Rodney Harrington's young brother, Norman, married 
          Rita Jacks more than two years ago, Rodney has known how much a 
          family meant to them.  He has lived with their desires for a 
          baby.  Now, Rita has had a miscarriage.  Tonight, Rodney is 
          concerned not about Rita, who is in Doctors Hospital under the 
          care of Dr. Michael Rossi, but about his brother, Norman.  
          Rodney knows that Norman has left the hospital to face an empty 
          apartment.  He knows further, that for Norman, a home without 
          Rita, even for a matter of days, is the depth of loneliness. 
Intro:    Cars driving past the fire station around the snow covered 
          square.  Rodney parks in front of the Pharmacy and gets out of 
          the car. 
Scene 1:  Rodney goes up to the apartment to find Norman in the bedroom, 
          examining a telescope.  Norman asks if Rodney has ever studied 
          stars.  Norman tosses Rodney the telescope.  Norman gets up and 
          starts putting the baby clothes in the pram.  They talk about 
          Rita.  Rodney suggests they tidy up the apartment.  Rodney 
          leaves and says he'll be back. 
Scene 2:  In her hospital room, Rita is being examined by Dr. Rossi.  He 
          tells her that she will be depressed for a while.  Rossi says 
          that depression is not uncommon for either a live delivery or a 
Scene 3:  Jill is in the General Store, as Eli, Elliot, and Constance 
          come in to see the baby.  Elliot asks Jill to tell them about 
          Allison and Kelly.  Jill says that she named the baby, "Kelly." 
Scene 4:  Elliot and Constance go to see Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says that he 
          truly believes Jill is the mother of the baby.  He says that 
          Jill relates to the baby as any mother relates to her baby.  
          Rossi says that Jill is hopelessly mixed up.  They leave. 
Scene 5:  Steven is in a dark cafe about 50 miles north of Peyton Place, 
          drinking coffee as Joe Rossi comes in.  The waitress asks Joe 
          if he wants coffee.  He say black and a couple of those 
          chocolate candy bars.  He asks the waitress if truckers come in 
          this time of night.  She says, not on Wednesday.  He asks when 
          the next bus is due.  She tells him about midnight.  He asks 
          Steven if that is his convertible outside.  He says he's going 
          down the turnpike.  Steven says he is.  Joe asks Steven which 
          way, North or South.  Steven says he's going south on the 
          turnpike.  Steven offers to take Joe into Peyton Place.  Steven 
          does not know that Joe is Dr. Rossi's younger brother. 

Scene 6:  In the rooming house, Jill playing with Kelly as Dr. Rossi 
          knocks and is let in.  Rossi tells Jill the Carsons are his 
          friends.  Rossi insists that Jill is the mother of the baby.  
          She continues to deny it's her baby.  He continues to fuss at 
          Jill.  He asks her why she came to Peyton Place.  She opens the 
          door for him to leave.  He does. 

Scene 7:  Rossi goes to his beach house and looks at his mail.  The 
          refrigerator is almost bare but he finds a drink.  He hears 
          someone and asks, "Who's there?"  His brother, Joe, comes down 
          the stairs.  Joe says, "What a wild pad."  Michael asks what he 
          is doing there.  Joe says, "I guess I just missed you, big 

Preview:  none 
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.