Episode 412.
          Joe Rossi arrives in Peyton Place.
WA:       Tonight, Dr. Michael Rossi returns to his home to try to sort 
          out his feelings about a girl who calls herself Jill 
          Smith. The girl convinced Rossi that she was the natural 
          mother of a baby brought to Doctors Hospital a week ago.  Then 
          suddenly the girl claims she had lied to Rossi.  That the baby 
          had really been born to the missing Allison Mackenzie.  Now at 
          last the doctor has time to try to put it all together but his 
          is no longer a sanctuary. 

Intro:    Rossi comes into his beach house to find his brother Joe coming 
          down the stairs.  [repeat of end of episode 411]. 
Scene 1:  Joe shakes Michael's hand.  Then he begins to argue with 
          Michael.  Joe said he could have written first.  Rossi asks Joe 
          why he is there.  Joe says he is not sure why he is there.  
          [There are literally dozens of instances in this series where 
          conversations start out pleasant and turn to arguments.] 
Scene 2:  In the Carson kitchen, Constance is ironing clothes, as Elliot 
          comes in to talk.  She allows that Matthew is 7 months older 
          than Kelly.  That they would be uncle and niece.  Uncle Matthew 
          and niece Kelly.  Elliot says he can't believe Jill. 
Scene 3:  Jill walks on the street and brings the baby into the Cider 
          Barrel.  Rodney is there.  Charlie is standing at the register.  
          Jill orders a bowl of clam chowder.  Rodney talks to Jill.  
          Jill says that she has found another job.  Betty comes in the 
          Cider Barrel as Rodney is preparing to leave.  
Scene 4:  Rodney goes outside and walks down the street with Betty.  They 
          agree to go to see Norman to take him out to dinner.  Betty 
          asks who the girl is.  Rodney says Jill is a ding-a-ling.  Jill 
          carries her baby like a football.  
Scene 5:  At the mansion, Steven goes to the door and admits Elliot and 
          Constance.  They have come to talk about Jill Smith.  They ask 
          him to try to get Kelly's birth certificate.  Constance says 
          that if the child is Allison's then the father has to be 
          Rodney.  That they shouldn't pretend they don't know.  Steven 
          says that it is fortunate that there is no conflict of 
          interest.  They all want the birth certificate. 
Scene 6:  Rodney and Betty go over to the apartment to try to take Norman 
          to dinner.  Norman is preparing to get rid of the baby things.  
          Betty comes in and greets Norman.  Rodney says Norman should 
          talk it over with Rita first.  Betty taunts Norman.  Betty 
          emphasizes that it was Rita who went through the mis-carriage.  
          Betty says that they should start fresh for the next one. 
Scene 7:  Dr. Michael Rossi and his younger brother Joe leave the 
          Colonial Post Inn and head toward the car.  Joe sees Jill and 
          the baby.  Jill runs in the snow in the general direction of 
          the fire station.  Dr. Rossi honks and says, "Come on." 
Preview:  none