Episode 413.
          A letter arrives saying that a baby was born to Allison.
WA:       Deliberately, with great care, Jill Smith has allowed the 
          Elliot Carson family to believe that the infant she carries may 
          be the child of their missing daughter, Allison.  Now, 
          suddenly, she sees a familiar face and her slow, deliberate, 
          careful plan is strangely threatened.  Threatened by Joe Rossi, 
          Dr. Michael Rossi's young brother who arrived unexpectedly last 
          night.  Assuming he was a stranger to this small New England 
          town.  Now he knows otherwise. 

Intro:    Cars driving around the square.  Jill comes out of the Pharmacy 
          carrying Kelly.  She walks across the square. 

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi and his brother, Joe, come out of the Colonial Post 
          Inn after eating dinner.  Joe sees Jill Smith.  Rossi honks and 
          calls to Joe, "Come on."  Joe gets in the car with Michael.  
          They drive away. 
Scene 2:  The chimes sound in the mansion and Steven calls to Mary.  The 
          maid doesn't answer so he goes to the door and admits Jill 
          Smith, carrying baby Kelly.  Steven tells her that the Carsons 
          want proof that the baby is Allison's.  Jill asks if that means 
          that they will take Kelly.  Steven asks what happened.  He says 
          that something has panicked her.  They talk about Steven 
          sending for the birth certificate.  Jill wants him to send the 
          telegram that night.  Jill leaves.  Steven picks up the phone 
          and talks to the Inn operator.  He says he wants to send a 
Scene 3:  Michael Rossi comes into the beach house and says he has a 
          confession to make.  He skipped desert at the Inn because he 
          wants a nice big fat slice of chocolate cake that he had hidden 
          away in the refrigerator.  He looks in the cake pan to find it 
          empty.  Michael asks his brother about the girl that they saw 
          on the square.  Joe doesn't admit knowing her.  Joe refers to 
          Jill as action. 
Scene 4:  Elliot is standing in front of the fireplace at the Carson 
          house.  He talks with Constance about Allison and Rodney.  
          Elliot can't seem to get Rodney Harrington out of his mind.  He 
          wonders if Rodney knew that Allison was pregnant.  The door 
          chimes ring.  Betty and Rodney bring the pram full of baby 
          things that had been given to Rita back to the Carsons.  Elliot 
          glares at Rodney, believing that Rodney is the father of his 
          daughter's baby. 
Scene 5:  In the hospital, Eddie shows Rita a picture of Eddie and a 
          philly.  Eddie really knows the horses.  Norman is there also.  
          Eddie talks about the horse that he has stabled just outside of 
          town.  Miss Choate comes in to throw cold water on the party. 
          Eddie and Norman leave Rita's room and talk a while.  Dr. 
          Fielding is paged to call emergency. 
Scene 6:  Eddie goes to talk with Ada.  Ada talks about Eddie's camera 
          work.  Eddie tells Ada that Rita even picked the racing colors.  
          Ada asks how did Rita go for the letter from the jockey club.  
          She shows him a copy of the fake letter that she found in the 
          trash.  Eddie says that Rita really got a charge out of the 
          idea of having a horse.  It might put her back on her feet.  
          Ada asks Eddie when he is going to realize that life is not a 
          con game. 
Scene 7:  Michael drives Joe to the Clarion in the red sports car.  He 
          tells Joe that Elliot can probably get him a job.  Joe walks to 
          the door to the Peyton Professional Building and turns and goes 
          over to the Pillory.  He turns and walks to the bandstand.  At 
          a distance he sees Jill walking, carrying Kelly.  

          Jill goes in the General store and takes off her coat.  She 
          starts to feed the baby.  Joe comes in and startles her.  He 
          says, "What's happening, Jill baby."  He asks if Don sent her.  
          As Joe leaves, he almost bumps into Eli coming in. 

Scene 8:  Joe goes in the Clarion.  Elliot says, "You must be Mike 
          Rossi's young brother, Joe.  Elliot greets Joe warmly.  They 
          shake hands.  Joe is looking for a job.  Elliot says he does a 
          lot of classified work and hears about other jobs.  He starts 
          to ask Joe what he can do.  About then, Constance and Steven 
          come in the office.  Elliot introduces Joe to Constance.  
          Constance ignores him and walks on.  Elliot asks Joe to excuse 
          them and Joe leaves.  Steven hands Elliot the telegram he has 
          received [see episode 416].  Elliot reads the telegram out 

                       OUR RECORDS CERTIFY THAT ON THE 
                       DATE IN QUESTION, A BABY GIRL
                       WAS BORN TO ALLISON MACKENZIE. 
Preview:  Jill Smith talks to Rodney Harrington.  Michael talks with Joe.  
          Elliot talks to Rodney. 
          JS:  The Carsons are taking the baby, not you.  Let me by.  If 
               you don't let me by, I'll yell my head off.
          MR:  Lets have it.  All of it.  
          JR:  Who are you, my brother, or some cop looking to make a 
               bust?  You said you'd give me a chance.
          EC:  You knew why Allison left town, didn't you?  You lied.  You 
               lied to me.

Photograph of Rita the Second, a horse.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.
Don, boy from New York that was in trouble with Joe.