Episode 414.
          Kelly is given to the Carsons.
WA:       Ever since his daughter Allison disappeared without a word, 
          without a trace, Elliot Carson has blamed himself for this 
          strange disappearance.  But now Elliot feels he has proof of 
          the real reason Allison ran away.  Proof that sends him to 
          Rodney Harrington. 

Intro:    View of the wharf from the deck of the excursion boat.  The 
          tavern and the boarding house are seen in the distance.  Elliot 
          is walking on the wharf toward the Shoreline Garage. 
Scene 1:  Elliot goes in the Shoreline Garage and grabs Rodney.  He tells 
          Rodney that Allison knew she was pregnant when she left town.  
          Elliot shows Rodney the telegram.  Betty shows up.  Elliot 
          insists that Rodney tell him the truth.  Rodney admits that he 
          was completely involved with Allison.  He tells Betty 
          that he didn't know Allison was pregnant.  Elliot is very hostile 
          toward Rodney. 
Scene 2:  In the General Store, Jill weighs Kelly and puts her back in 
          the basket on the rocking chair.  Jill is using the chair as a 
          rocking cradle.  Constance comes in and talks with Jill.  
          Constance refers to the baby as Allison's baby. 
Scene 3:  In the apartment, Norman and Rita talk.  He has a control for 
          the bed which will raise and lower it for Rita. 
Scene 4:  In the hospital, Joe and Dr. Rossi are walking down the 
          corridor, talking.  Miss Choate hands Dr. Rossi a pen to sign a 
          chart.  They go in Rossi's office and talk.  Joe tells Michael 
          that he ran into a girl from home.  Joe says that Jill claims 
          that the baby isn't hers.  Joe asks if Jill ever said anything 
          to the doctor about Joe. 
Scene 5:  Jill carries the baby up the stairs to the boarding house.  
          Rodney follows her up, and goes into her room.  Rodney tells 
          Jill he knows she was putting him on.  Rodney said he saw the 
          telegram confirming that Allison had a baby.  Jill walks back 
          down the stairs, followed by Rodney. 
Scene 6:  In the Carson livingroom, Constance tells Elliot that she 
          believes that Rodney really loved Allison.  Constance says that 
          Elliot is stubborn.  Jill rings the bell and comes in with baby 
          Kelly.  Jill says that she changed her mind.  She can't wait 
          for the paper work.  She gives the baby to Constance.  Jill 
          asks Elliot to promise he'll take good care of her.  Jill 
          leaves.  As the scene ends, Constance is holding the baby. 
Preview:  Eli talks to Jill.  Michael talks to Joe.  Rodney talks to 
          Eli: What would happen if Allison should come back into it?
          JS:  You mean, if Allison came back here?
          Eli: That's right.  What would you do? 
          MR:  I noticed that smirk on your face, when I said Jill Smith 
               a while ago.  If that's not her real last name, then what 
               is it? 
          JR:  It was given to me in confidence.  You'll have to ask her. 
          RH:  That baby has to be mine.  
          BA:  But, it doesn't have to be mine.  Don't expect me to act 
               mother to Allison Mackenzie's baby.