Episode 415.
          Rodney requests a blood test.
WA:       Betty Anderson Cord once was married to Rodney Harrington.  The 
          marriage was brief and ended in divorce.  But the maturing of 
          two young people has found Betty and Rodney planning marriage 
          again.  Suddenly, however, Betty has learned that the missing 
          Allison, who had been seeing Rodney, gave birth to a baby.  
          Tonight, Betty feels that Rodney is drawn to thoughts of the 
          girl, he once loved. 
Intro:    Betty walks on the wharf.  Rodney sits on a bench on the wharf.  
          Betty walks over to Rodney. 
Scene 1:  Betty and Rodney discuss Jill's baby, thinking it is Allison's 
          baby.  He tells Betty about a conversation he had with Jill 
          concerning the baby. 
Scene 2:  Constance and Elliot talk about the baby.  They talk about 
          dealing with Kelly's illegitimacy.  Constance tells how she and 
          her mother went to the dime store in Boston, and her mother 
          picked out the picture of a navy pilot.  Constance knew she had 
          found her Mr. Mackenzie. 
Scene 3:  In the garage, Rodney talks to Leslie about the baby.  Leslie 
          said he had a note from Steven.  Leslie says not to confuse 
          conscience with poor judgment.  Leslie admits to Rodney that he 
          broke up Rodney's marriage to Betty. 
Scene 4:  In Rossi's beach house, Rossi talks with his brother, Joe.  Joe 
          is shadow boxing.  Rossi goes the the fridge and removes two 
          small bottles of brew.  He gives one to his brother and drinks 
          the other himself.  Joe continues to talk about boxers and 
Scene 5:  In the store, Eli talks with Jill.  Eli asks how hard it was 
          for Allison to give up her baby.  Eli asks if Jill loves Kelly 
          as though she were her own baby.  Jill says she had to be sure 
          that Constance and Elliot would be good parents. 
Scene 6:  Norman and Rita have a candlelight dinner.  Eddie is there 
          doing the cooking.  He serves them milk, calling it white wine.  
          Eddie goes out of the room and brings back a huge plant and 
          sets it beside the table.  Norman thanks Eddie, and Eddie 
Scene 7:  At Rossi's beach house, Rossi talks with Rodney.  Rodney asks 
          Rossi if he can get a paternity test.  Rodney tells the doctor 
          that if Allison was pregnant when she left Peyton Place, then 
          he, Rodney, was the father.  Rossi tells Rodney that the baby 
          is Jill's.  He can tell by the way she acts toward the baby.  
          Rossi introduces his brother, Joe, to Rodney.  [Rodney mentions 
          the telegram.  See episode 414.] 

Preview:  Constance talks to Elliot.  Joe talks to Jill.  Steven talks to 

          CM:  We've seen the birth certificate.  And it's in order.  What 
               else is there?  
          EC:  Time to consider everything.
          CM:  What do you mean by everything? 
          JR:  I'd like to pick up where we left off.  
          JS:  Broke off, cut off, finished.  You understand?
          JR:  Listen, Jill.
          JS:  You haven't changed.  You're just the same.
          SC:  You want Rodney.  And you want him all to yourself.  
               With all the Peyton money.  And to get that, You have 
               the stomach to do whatever it takes. 
Constance mentions her mother, grandmother Swain.