Episode 416.
          Kelly's birth certificate arrives.
WA:       Young Joe Rossi has told his brother Dr. Michael Rossi that he 
          is the father of the baby Jill Smith brought to town.  It was a 
          claim made in anger.  Still the doctor knew it could be true. 
Intro:    Joe Rossi walks away from the Shoreline Garage along the wharf, 
          then he goes up the steps to the apartment house to see Jill. 
Scene 1:  Joe goes in Jill's room and asks her where the baby is.  She 
          refuses to tell him where Kelly is staying.  They talk for a 
          while and he roughly kisses her.  Jill claims that the baby 
          isn't hers.  They argue.  Joe insists that he wants the truth. 
Scene 2:  Joe is working on the Receiving and Shipping loading dock 
          as Eddie is standing in the way, interfering with the loading 
          of 55 gallon drums.  Eddie's overcoat seems to have a purple 
          tinge.  Joe asks Eddie again to move.  Eddie says that he is 
          there to talk with Norman.  Norman comes out talks with Joe and 
          Eddie.  Joe introduces himself.  Eddie says that he wants 
          Norman to come home around lunchtime. 
Scene 3:  Rita is reading as Ada knocks on the door.  Rita ignores the 
          knock but Ada comes on in anyhow.  Ada says that Rita looks a 
          mess.  They are both wearing purple.  [Like Eddie Jacks 
          overcoat].  Rita counters that Norman likes her without makeup.  
          Ada talks to Rita about her losing the baby.  They have a 
          lengthy mother-daughter talk. 
Scene 4:  Rodney goes to the Peyton house and talks with Steven about 
          baby Kelly's birth certificate.  Steven is sitting at the 
          dining table drinking coffee.  Steven says that it arrived this 
          morning.  He said Rodney should have called before he came 
          over.  Steven shows the birth certificate to Rodney but says he 
          can't keep it, because it belongs to the Carsons. 
Scene 5:  Constance is tending Kelly as Elliot comes home.  She closes a 
          photo album, probably of Allison or Matthew.  Elliot says he 
          needs to go to the courthouse.  Elliot talks about Matthew 
          sensing the fact that another baby is taking up his mother's 
          time.  Constance takes the birth certificate out of the 
          envelope and says it is odd that Allison listed her mother's 
          maiden name as Mackenzie.  It was Swain, like 
          Matthew Swain.  
Scene 6:  In the General Store, Eli is tending Matthew as Jill comes in.  
          Eli lets Jill hold Matthew a while.  Eli says that Matthew has 
          had a busy day.  Elliot, Constance, Kelly, and Steven Cord walk 
          out of the courthouse and across the way.  From the General 
          Store, Jill says sarcastically, "There goes the new family." 

Scene 7:  Steven comes in his office and finds Betty.  She talks to 
          Steven about Kelly's birth certificate.  He tells her that she 
          will have to go to the courthouse to see it.  They talk about 
          the impending marriage of Betty and Rodney.  Steven says the 
          meeting at the courthouse was a preliminary meeting. 
Preview:  Rossi talks to Joe.  Jill talks to Steven.  Betty talks to 
          MR:  You lied to me about everything.  You're going to level 
               with me now.  You understand?  100%.  You're going to tell 
               me everything.  Who you're running from and why.  And what 
               it has to do with Jill Smith. 
          JS:  You used me.  You saw a way to break up what Rod had going 
               with your wife and you used me.  That's the only reason 
               you talk to me.  Isn't it? 
          BA:  I said I would make a home for Kelly.  But there's only 
               one thing I can't do, not ever.  I can't love her. 

Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.
Jill Smith-Joyce Jillson.