Episode 417.
          Joe admits to Dr. Rossi that he is the father of Jill's baby.
WA:       Rodney Harrington has come to the Elliot Carson home to 
          confront a ghost.  The ghost of his love for the Carsons' 
          missing daughter, Allison Mackenzie.  And the child that 
          appears to be the product of that love. 
Intro:    Rodney gets out of his convertible and walks walking toward the 
          Carson house.  He pauses to look at the bird feeder which he 
          helped Allison put up in episode 32.  [see also episodes 307 
          and 504.] 
Scene 1:  Rodney comes in the Carson house to discuss the baby which may 
          be Allison's.  Elliot wants Rodney to stay out of Kelly's life. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi drives up to the loading dock in his red convertible 
          and goes over to talk with his brother, Joe.  Norman is working 
          with Joe.  Rossi says he has news from the homefront.  Lisa 
          asked about Joe.  Tom asked about you, too.  He was so anxious 
          to see her.  He had just been released from prison.  She got 
          roughed up because she wouldn't tell him where Joe was.  Rossi 
          says that Joe lied and he is now going to tell all.  Joe tells 
          Michael that he is the father of Jill's baby.  Michael talks 
          like a hoodlum to Joe. 
Scene 3:  Rodney goes to the mill to talk with Leslie about Elliot, 
          Allison, Jill, and Kelly.  Leslie says that Rodney can't 
          properly take care of a child. 
Scene 4:  Jill walks down the steps from the boarding house and goes in 
          the Cider Barrel.  She orders a cheeseburger and a glass of 
          milk.  Charlie asks, "With or without?"  She says, "Without."  
          She sits down and Rodney joins her.  Rodney asked Jill why she 
          never mentioned Rodney.  He asks why she gave the baby to the 
          Carsons.  Charlie puts a sack on the table and asks for 73 
          cents.  Jill pays for the cheeseburger and milk and leaves. 
Scene 5:  Steven is in his office as the buzzer sounds.  He is told that 
          Jill wants to see him and that it is urget.  Jill comes in and 
          tells Steven that Rodney wants to take the baby.  Jill says 
          that Kelly is none of Rodney's business.  He tells her that the 
          birth certificate doesn't establish paternity.  Steven asks 
          jill if she knows how much Rodney will be worth some day.  She 
          fusses at Steven for using her to hurt Betty and Rodney.  
          Steven reminds Jill that she came to him.  Steven says that 
          Rodney doesn't have a chance in a custody hearing if he doesn't 
          have a wife. 
Scene 6:  In the General Store, Eli is moving things around, including a 
          bassinet, as Joe Rossi bursts in and calls for Jill.  Eli tells 
          him to act like a gentleman.  Eli asks Joe what he wants.  Eli 
          won't give him any information.  Eli says, "I'm like that dried 
          apricot over there.  No juice."  Joe leaves angrily. 
Scene 7:  Rodney comes in the room where Betty is and talks to her about 
          Steven, Kelly and the Carsons.  Rodney tells Betty that they 
          can make a home for Kelly.  Betty says, "As soon as my divorce 
          is final, we can make a home for Kelly.  I'll dress her, bathe 
          her, but I can't love her." 
Scene 8:  In the apartment, Eddie Jacks is fixing dinner for Norman and 
          Rita.  Norman brings Joe Rossi home for dinner. [To feed him, 
          not to eat him.]  Joe tries to talk to Rita.  Rita is annoyed.  
          Eddie is annoyed as well.  Rita has a flashback or daymare.]  
          Rita tells Norman that she wants to go to bed.  Joe says he is 
          leaving, and leaves.  Eddie says let him go.  Norman goes 
          outside and offers to drive Joe to the junction.  They talk and 
          Joe finally accepts Norman's offer. 

Scene 9:  Back in the apartment, Rita tells Eddie that Joe Rossi was a 
          close friend of Joe Chernak.  She tells Eddie that when Joe 
          Rossi touched her hand she went all cold.  
Preview:  Jill talks to Dr. Rossi.  Constance talks to Betty.  Eddie 
          talks with Rodney. 
          JS:  Joe is jealous and afraid.  Too bad you can't let go like 
               your brother does.  I imagine it would do you some good. 
          CM:  If that's the way you feel about the baby, Allison's baby, 
               I won't allow you and Rod to adopt it. 
          EJ:  Tell me about it.
          RH:  He's a statistic.  He's dead.
          EJ:  Joe Chernak is alive. [allegorically speaking.]

73 cents was the price of a cheeseburger and a glass of milk.

Lisa, Rossi's relative.
Tom, Rossi's relative.
Jill Smith-Joyce Jillson.
Eddie Jacks-Dan Duryea.