Episode 418.
          Norman and Joe leave the diner and have a car wreck.
WA:       Joe Rossi has been forced to make a decision.  His older 
          brother Dr. Michael Rossi demanded that he tell him the full 
          story of his recent life.  The days before he came to Peyton 
          Place.  The full story of whatever criminal involvements forced 
          him to run.  But Joe Rossi has no intention of talking.  He 
          hoped his brother would provide a sanctuary.  A place to hide.   
          A place to let things cool down.  He was wrong.  And so, once 
          again, he finds himself on the run.  Tonight, Norman Harrington 
          completely unaware of the nature of the pressures on Joe, has 
          agreed reluctantly, to drive him outside of town, to a major 
          intersection, where Joe can thumb a ride.  A ride somewhere, 
          away from Dr. Michael Rossi and Peyton Place. 
Intro:    Norman drives his car late at night.  Norman is driving Joe 
          toward the main highway intersection.  They pull over and go in 
          a roadside diner. 
Scene 1:  In a roadside diner, Norman and Joe talk.  A dark-haired 
          waitress serves them coffee.  Norman says he doesn't want to go 
          to the junction.  And he says that Joe doesn't either.  Norman 
          suggests that Joe call Dr. Rossi and tell him that you're 
          sorry.  They talk some more.  Norman hands Joe a dime for the 
          call.  But Joe drops it.  Joe picks it back up and goes to a 
          pay phone.  He dials, but no one answers. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi knocks on Jill's door at Mrs. Hewitt's apartment 
          house,  Jill removes the door chain and lets him in.  Rossi 
          asks if she knows where Joe is.  He asks what kind of trouble 
          Joe was in back in New York.  Rossi tells her that Joe said he 
          was the father and Jill is the mother of baby Kelly. 
Scene 3:  At the Carson house, Constance goes to the window and sees 
          Betty approaching.  Constance opens the door and invites Betty 
          in.  Betty asks if she can talk with her.  Betty says that she 
          never really understood Allison.  Constance says that Allison 
          always liked Betty.  Betty tells Constance that she could take 
          care of Allison's baby but that she could never love her.    
          Constance says she is grateful that Betty has been so honest.  
          Constance says that she will not allow Betty and Rodney to 
          adopt the baby.  The chimes ring and Steven comes in to tell 
          everyone that the custody hearing for Kelly is scheduled for 
          the next day.  He doesn't anticipate any problems unless 
          something unforseen turns up. 
Scene 4:  At the police station, Dr. Rossi asks police Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard for help finding his brother, Joe.  He doesn't receive 
          help.  Goddard says it is not a matter for the police. 
Scene 5:  Eddie goes up to Norman's apartment.  Eddie asks Rodney about 
          Joe Chernak.  He says that Joe Rossi reminded Rita of Joe 
          Chernak.  Eddie says Joe Chernak is alive in Rita's 
          mind.  She was really scared.  Rita comes out of the 
          bedroom.  Rita tells her father all about Joe Chernak.  She 
          says that he deserved to die.  Rodney says that no one deserves 
          to die. 

Scene 6:  Steven goes to see Dr. Rossi to talk about the scheduled 
          custody hearing.  Rossi says he will probably be there.  Steven 
          will be representing Jill Smith.  He says that Jill is 
          concerned for the baby.  Rossi says he can't say anything that 
          will help Steven's case. 
Scene 7:  Meanwhile back at the roadside cafe, Norman and Joe get back in 
          Norman's car and start driving toward the main intersection.  
          Norman drives too fast through a tunnel, skids, and rolls the 
          car.  It lands upside down.  Rev. Tom Winter shows up in his 
          station wagon and stops. 
Preview:  Rodney talks with Steven.  Tom Winter pulls Joe out of the car. 

          RH:  Ok, Steven, you've hand delivered your poison pen letter 
               for the evening.  Now, would you mind taking off please?  
               What's the matter?  You want me to sign for it? 
          SC:  What's this, a rematch?

          Rev. Tom Winter pulls Joe Rossi out of the car.

Mrs. Hewitt-Maxine Stuart.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.
Eddie Jacks-Dan Duryea.
Rev. Tom Winter-Robert Hogan.