Episode 419.
          Tom Winter takes Norman and Joe to the hospital.  Debut of Rev. 
          Tom Winter. 
WA:       The melting snow of a New England winter has left the 
          countryside wet and slick.  Norman Harrington, who was driving 
          Dr. Michael Rossi's young brother, Joe, to an intersection 
          outside of town, hit a curve too fast.  The car spun out.  The 
          first car on the scene was driven by a man who had the 
          compassion to stop, and the presence of mind to function.  Soon 
          he will face routine questioning by the police.  His statement 
          will form the basis of an official report which will term the 
          crash an "accident."  But it is extremely doubtful that what 
          happened tonight on this slick road could be truly called an 
          accident.  Because there will be those in Peyton Place who must 
          live with the knowledge that they caused Joe Rossi's flight. 
Intro:    Norman and Joe are driving in Norman's car.  Norman drives 
          through a narrow tunnel and rolls his car. 
Scene 1:  Tom Winter stops, calls to Norman, turns off the ignition, and 
          helps Norman out of the car.  He puts Norman in the back seat 
          of his station wagon and goes back for Joe Rossi.  Joe is not 
          conscious.  The station wagon makes a good substitute 
          ambulance.  Winter says that he didn't want to move him but the 
          nearest phone is 8 or 10 miles and Joe is losing blood fast. 
Scene 2:  At Doctors Hospital, the emergency team is already working on 
          Joe.  Dr. Rossi is leading the team.  Norman has a bandage on 
          his forehead.  He apologizes to Dr. Rossi for the wreck.  At 
          the Information Desk, Miss Choate asks Tom Winter to look in on 
          a Mrs. Daily.  She has been calling for him all day.  Rev. 
          Winter says he had been out of town.  He asks how Mrs. Daily is 
          doing and if she is in room 221.  Dr. Fielding is paged. 
Scene 3:  In the apartment, Rodney is dozing as Norman comes in.  Rodney 
          asks what happened.  Norman says it is nothing.  He points to 
          his forehead and says that it is just a scratch.  Norman said 
          he totaled the car.  He tells his brother that Joe is in the 
          hospital.  Norman says that he sort of saw it coming.  Rodney 
          asks if there was something between Joe and Rita.  They are 
          still talking as Rita screams.  She says, "Joe, get away from 
          me."  In the bedroom Rita is having a nachtmare.  She 
          hallucinates that Joe Chernak is still alive.  Norman said that 
          Rita had these problems when they first got married.  
Scene 4:  At the hospital, miss Choate is attending Joe Rossi in his 
          room.  Joe's head is bandaged.  She says it is too soon to know 
          about a concussion.  Choate says that Dr. Rossi will soon be 
          there.  She adds that Joe has a hairline fracture.  About this 
          time, Rossi comes in to check on his brother.  Joe asks how 
          they can tell it is a concussion.  He doesn't get much of an 
          answer.  He asks if Michael is concerned.  Miss Choate says, 
          "of course, he is."  Dr. Rossi tells his brother, Joe, that he 
          will be all right. 

Scene 5:  Steven Cord comes out of a building on the wharf and bangs on 
          the door of the Shoreline Garage.  He tells Rodney that he saw 
          that the light was on.  Rodney says, "Try the Inn, your wife 
          isn't here.  Your ex-wife."  They talk about the custody 
          hearing.  Rodney opines that Steven has delivered his poison 
          pen letter for the evening and asks Steven to leave.  Rodney 
          says there is "give and take" in every marriage.  Steven leaves.
Scene 6:  Back at the hospital, miss Choate notices a call light has just 
          come on.  She rushes to Joe's room, looks at him, and dials a 
          three digit number.  She speaks to Dr. Rossi in his office.  
          She tells the doctor she is in Joe's room.  She adjusts Joe's 
          pillow.  Rossi responds and looks into Joe's eyes using a 
          penlight.  Dr. Rossi talks with Joe.  Rossi uses his 
          stethescope and then orders 2 cc's of chloro-promazine for Joe.  
          A sedative.  Rossi turns off the light and leaves the room.  On 
          the way out he speaks to Rev. Tom Winter.  Winter offers to sit 
          with Rossi's brother so the doctor can get some sleep.  Rossi 
          asks Tom to do him a favor.  

          Tom gets a call from Susan Winter.  Susan comes on the line.  
          She is doubtless sobriety challenged.  He tells her to stay 
          where she is.  He will come get her. 

          Tom decides to drop in on Rita Harrington for a visit.  

Preview:  Joe Rossi talks to Jill Smith.  Betty talks to Rodney. 
          JR:  I want to make a clean start.  And you're going to play it 
          JS:  Don't you tell me what to do.  
          JR:  If you do anything to mess my setup here.  Anything at 
               all ...
          JS:  You'll what?
          BA:  You are stubborn and you're bull-headed when you want to 
               be.  And it's not fair to make me responsible. 
          RH:  What kind of a life would we have had if I forced 
               Allison's baby on you?
          BA:  What can kind of a life do we have now, now that you 
               feel that I forced you to abandon it?
Rev. Tom Winter-Robert Hogan.
Mrs. Daily-only mentioned.