Episode 420.

          Norman talks with Tom Winter at the Cider Barrel.
WA:       The custody hearing is over.  The baby that Jill Smith brought 
          to Peyton Place has found a legal home with the Elliot Carsons.  
          An acknowledgement that the baby was born to their missing 
          daughter, Allison.  And an implication that Rodney Harrington 
          is the father. 
Intro:    Peyton Place Town Hall.  Rodney comes out of the building. 
Scene 1:  Elliot comes out of the courthouse, calls to Rodney, and goes 
          over to talk with him.  Rodney intended to say something about 
          his rights as the father.  But he didn't. 
Scene 2:  Steven and Jill come out of the courthouse and Jill scolds 
          Steven for his ulterior motives concerning Rodney and Betty.  
          Jill sees Rodney going into the inn, where Betty is living. 
Scene 3:  Betty hears a knock at the door and says, "Come in, Rod."  He 
          tells Betty about the hearing. 
Scene 4:  Rossi drives up to the loading dock and gets out.  He goes over 
          and talks with Norman.  They get coffee from the catering 
          truck.  Rossi says that Rita has been deeply hurt emotionally.  
          Rossi suggests that Rita talk with the Reverend Tom Winter.  He 
          would be successful in any occupation.  Norman has a amall 
          bandage on the right side of his forehead. 
Scene 5:  At the hospital, Jill goes in to see Joe Rossi.  He has a large 
          bandage above his eyes around his head.  Joe Rossi tells Jill 
          not to rock the boat.  He threatens her.  He wants to make a 
          clean start when he gets out of the hospital.  Joe starts to 
          ask Jill something but she says, forget it.  Jill leaves and 
          Dr. Rossi comes in saying that Jill was crying.  Dr. Rossi asks 
          Joe if Joe is the father.  Joe again denies it.  Michael says 
          that Joe will be getting out tomorrow. 

Scene 6:  Elliot Carson comes home to find Constance holding Kelly.  She 
          takes the baby upstairs.  Elliot removes his coat and tie, and 
          goes over to the fireplace to stoke the fire.  She comes back 
          downstairs.  He says that he feels neglected.  He likes to be 
          held too.  He talks about Elliot appointing Constance to design 
          all the displays and the concessions for the Founders Festival.  
          Elliot will be co-chairman of the planning committee.           
          Elliot says, "Mrs. Carson, I feel that I should warn you.  That 
          unless you cooperate fully with the co-chairman's wishes, it 
          could lead to public humiliation in the town square.  My very 
          first political move was to appoint a very close relative of 
          mine as custodian of the town pillory."  Constance says, "Your 
          father."  Elliot says, "Yes." 

Scene 7:  Norman is waiting in the Cider Barrel cafe.  He sees Tom Winter 
          outside speaking briefly to a woman.  Tom comes in and asks 
          Laurie, "How's your brother?"  Through the front door is seen 
          the sign for the Chowder Pot.  Tom orders two ciders.  Norman 
          asks Tom to talk with Rita.  Laurie brings the ciders.  Rita is 
          having nachtmares.  Norman goes out and comes back in.  He 
          again asks Tom for his help.  Tom says that he will try.  
          Norman leaves.  The pay phone rings and Laurie answers. 

          Tom is called to the pay phone and talks to an inn-keeper, Mr. 
          Allen, the other side of White River who says his wife, Susan, 
          is drunk and in need of help.  Tom says that he can be there in 
          30 minutes.  Tom leaves. 

Preview:  Joe Rossi talks with Rita.  Eddie talks with Ada.  Rossi talks 
          with Jill Smith. 
          JR:  When you look at me, you think of him.  And that kind of 
               shakes you up.  
          RH:  A little.
          JR:  If you feel that way, why do you come here?
          EJ:  I said, the whole story.
          AJ:  I've got to go.
          EJ:  After you tell me what I want to know.
          AJ:  Let me go.
          MR:  They bought your little fairy tale from start to finish.
          JS:  When I hear it from the Carsons, then I'll listen.
          MR:  You'll listen to me.
Laurie, blonde-headed Cider Barrel waitress who also does baby sitting. 
Mr. Allen, owner of a motel near White River.