Episode 421.

          Susan Winter poses for pictures in the Pillory.

WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has demanded to know the real reasons that 
          suddenly brought his younger brother, Joe, to Peyton Place.  
          Rather than confide in him, Joe left town, only to be hurt in 
          an automobile accident inadvertently caused by Norman 
          Harrington.  Although no serious complications developed, Joe 
          has managed to exploit his brother's feelings of 
          responsibility.  But Joe may prove to be a dangerous guest.  
          Not only for Michael Rossi, but for all those who come in 
          contact with him. 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi, Joe, and Norman enter the beach house.  Joe has a 
          bandage on the right side of his forehead.  Dr. Rossi helps Joe 
          off with his coat.  

Scene 1:  Joe assumes he is all right, but Dr. Rossi says that he only 
          released him from the hospital.  Joe says he wants someone soft 
          and warm.  Rossi offers to drop Norman at the Mill.  Rossi 
          tells Joe not to jump up and down after he leaves.  Norman says 
          that Rita had a rough time at the hospital.  Dr. Rossi and 
          Norman leave.  

Scene 2:  In the tavern, Ada is filling out an order, including some new 
          beer glasses.  Eddie asks Ada about the death of Joe Chernak.  
          He wants to know all about what happened.  Ada mentions that 
          Rita has just had a mis-carriage.  Ada says to leave it alone.  
          Eddie says that Joe Rossi reminds Rita of Joe Chernak.  Eddie 
          asks about the trial.  Ada says it is all in the past and for 
          him to leave it there.  They argue.  Ada says that Norman can 
          help her now.  Eddie says he is going to get an answer, and 

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi is examining Kelly at the Carson house and suggests 
          that Constance bring Kelly to his office for her DPT shots.  
          Constance is excited about having custody of Kelly.  She thinks 
          that Kelly is Allison's baby.  Jill shows up at the front door 
          and talks with Rossi and Constance for a bit.  Jill wants to 
          baby sit Kelly.  Constance says that she has a lady to do that.  
          Constance picks up Kelly and takes her to see Matthew.  Rossi 
          talks with Jill.  They argue.  Rossi says that they bought her 
          little fairy tale.  Rossi orders Jill to stay away from the 

Scene 4:  Rita shows up at the beach house and talks with Joe Rossi.  She 
          has brought some groceries.  Joe accidentally touches Rita 
          causing her to jump.  Joe takes note of this.  Rita says she is 
          not scared, just nervous.  Joe asks what bugs her.  Rita says 
          that Joe reminds her of someone.  Someone who is dead now.  Joe 
          says, "When you look at me, you think of him and that kind of 
          shakes you up."  Joe tells her about a ride at Coney Island.  
          He rode the ride all day and got caught by a security guard.  
          He busted two ribs.  Joe offers her his hand.  She takes it.  
          Norman knocks and comes in.  Norman asks Rita why she is 
          smiling.  Joe says he told her how he busted two ribs. 

Scene 5:  Eddie Jacks comes in the Clarion and asks Elliot to see some 
          back papers on the Harrington trial.  Elliot asks why he wants 
          to know the details of the trial.  Eddie says he is doing this 
          for Rita.  Eddie reads.  Eddie leaves. 

Scene 6:  Ada drives Rita to the apartment.  Ada asks Rita to drive into 
          Boston with her.  Rita starts up the stairs with a package. 

          Rev. Winter is waiting for her.  He goes in the apartment and 
          have a long talk.  Winter talks about the very modest first 
          home that he and Susan had when they first got married in 
          college.  It was a quanset hut.  They discuss Rita's losing her 
          baby and her other porblems.  Winter looks out the window and 
          sees his wife, Susan Winter posing for pictures in the Pillory.  
          Rev. Winter tells Rita that he will always be there for her. 

          With her head and wrists still in the Pillory, Susan snnounces 
          that she wants the picture to make the front page to help 
          advertise the upcoming Founders Day Festival.  The photographer 
          photo-journalist] compliments her and asks to take two more 

Preview:  Rita talks to Norman.  Dr. Rossi talks with Susan Winter.  
          Eddie Jacks talks to Steven Cord. 

          RJ:  You can't have it both ways, Norman.  You can't urge me to 
               talk to Rev. Winter about the things that are bothering me 
               and then expect me to confide in you, too. 

          MR:  It's not exactly my forté.
          SW:  I disagree.  Come on doctor.  You're a very compelling 
               figure in a black tie. 

          EJ:  I can't affort your advice Mr. Cord.  And I don't want 
               your advice.  Joe Rossi is going to leave town. 

Susan Winter-Diana Hyland.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.