Episode 422.

          Susan Winter pays Dr. Rossi a late night visit.
WA:       The Rev. Mr. Tom Winter has lived and worked in Peyton Place 
          for the past year.  Totally involved with the personal problems 
          of any and who come to him.  Today Tom Winter tried 
          unsuccessfully to help young Rita Harrington gain some 
          understanding of her recent depression.  The visit was cut 
          short by something he saw going on in the square.  A young 
          woman being photographed in the pillory that the Puritan 
          fathers used to punish those who broke the law or the faith.  
          The woman holds a special attraction for Tom Winter.  She is 
          his wife. 

Intro:    Susan Winter is photographed in the pillory.  Tom Winter comes 
          down the apartment stairs and sees the activity on the square.  
          Susan is released from the pillory. 

Scene 1:  Susan Winter goes into the Book Gallery and speaks to 
          Constance.  Constance tells her about a book she has found on 
          Peyton Place.  The book describes the first festival.  Elliot 
          is the chairman of the organizing committee.  Susan tells 
          Constance that Dr. Rossi disapproves of her.  Susan says she 
          tries to live up to expectations and leaves. 

Scene 2:  Eddie is talking to Steven in the law office.  Eddie is angry 
          about the questions that Steven had asked Rita in the Rodney 
          Harrington trial. 

Scene 3:  Eddie Jacks is pouring a drink for a customer at Ada Jacks' 
          Tavern as Norman comes in.  Eddie tells Norman that he went to 
          Steven's office and read the transcript.  Eddie asks Norman why 
          he married Rita.  Eddie says he read every word of the 
          testimony in Rodney's murder trial.  Norman asks Eddie why he 
          is tearing down Rita.  He says that he loved Rita.  Eddie says 
          that he wanted to hear Norman say that he loved Rita. 

Scene 4:  Rodney is sitting at the desk in the Shoreline Garage as Betty 
          comes in.  Betty evidently took Rodney's car for a joy ride.  
          Betty is sketching a barn.  Rodney looks at the sketch.  She 
          says that somebody started to convert it into a house.  It is 
          35 miles out of town.  Betty says that they can buy it for a 
          song.  Betty took off because she didn't want to talk with 
          anybody.  They talks about fixing up the barn.  Betty leaves. 

Scene 5:  In the apartment, Rita and Norman are drinking coffee.  Norman 
          asks how the talk went with Rev. Winter.  They start talking 
          about Eddie.  She has been to talk to Rev. Winter.  It was 
          Norman's idea for Rita to talk with the Reverend.  Rita says 
          Winter is a very nice person.  She says that eventually she 
          will be able to talk with him about Joe Chernak.  

Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi, in a tuxedo, is mixing a drink and practicing a 
          speech about cardio-vascular disease.  There is a knock on the 
          door.  He lets Susan Winter in.  Susan says that she has been 
          appointed to solicit money for the new Children's wing of the 
          hospital.  He gives her a drink.  Rossi talks about talking to 
          men who have overeaten on the dangers of obesity. 

          Joe Rossi comes down the stairs, but doesn't want to stay.  
          Rossi apologizes for his brother's rudeness.  Susan asks if he 
          has recovered from his accident.  Rossi excuses himself and 
          ushers her toward the door.  They tell each other goodnight and 
          she leaves.  

          Joe comes back in.  Dr. Rossi berates Joe for his rudeness to 
          Susan.  Joe calls Rossi's tuxedo a monkey suit.  Rossi says 
          that the lady is married to Rev. Tom Winter.  Joe says, 
          "Goodnight, lover."  Rossi leaves. 

Preview:  Susan Winter talks with Tom.  Joe Rossi talks to Jill. 

          SW:  What right do you have to tell people what to do with 
               their lives?  What are your credentials?  A wrecked 
               marriage?  A wife who gets smashed in a motel room? 

          JR:  You always wear a sign.  A great big sign.  Joey was here.
          JS:  Let me go.

          Joe forcefully kisses Jill.                    

Susan Winter-Diana Hyland.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.
At this point in time, Reverend Winter has been Peyton Place for about a 
  year.  He evidently replaced Jerry Bedford.  But he had gone to high 
  school there in Peyton Place.