Episode 423.
          Jill asks Rodney for a job. 

WA:       At this time of night, Jill Smith has been in the habit of 
          paying special attention to the baby she brought to town.  The 
          baby is now with the Elliot Carsons.  And Jill Smith is alone. 

Intro:    Jill Smith is walking on the wharf toward the Shoreline Garage.  
          She opens the door and goes in. 
Scene 1:  Jill asks Rodney if he is open for business.  She asks Rodney 
          for coffee.  Rodney says, "I made a deal with the grocery 
          store.  I don't sell groceries and they don't fix flats."  Jill 
          tells Rodney that if she lived in a mess like this, she would 
          go out a lot.  Jill says that he needs a maid.  Jill offers to 
          come in once a week and clean up at the minimum wage of $1.25. 
          He turns her down.  She said that Constance turned her down, 
Scene 2:  Susan goes to the Peyton house and is admitted by Mary.  Steven 
          is working in the living room.  Betty's portrait is over the 
          fireplace.  She thanks him for seeing her.  He says, "How could 
          I refuse when you come here for sweet charity.  She is there 
          for the children's wing.  He gives her a check for $50.00.  She 
          tears it up.  Steven's divorce is not final.  He gives her a 
          drink with a twist of lemon.  Steven says, "Here's to sweet 
          charity."  She says, "Poor Doris, I'm afraid she hasn't a 
          chance.  Doris Botnick.  The lady bank teller with the sweet 
          smile and the thick ankles.  Her mama claims that you always go 
          to her window."  Steven says, "It's the one nearest the door."  
          Steven asks what the favor is.  Susan wants to borrow the house 
          for a luncheon.  He offers her a refill.  She declines.  She 
          tells him to let her know if he wants to sell the house.  
          Steven says that Tom would find it a little steep.  Her father 
          wouldn't.  He is rich. 
Scene 3:  Back at the Winter house, Tom is working at his desk.  He looks 
          at the clock.  It is 9:35 p.m.  Susan comes in.  Tom grabs a 
          book from the book shelf behind him.  She says, "I'm home.  
          Jeet?"  [Translation:  Didest thou eat.]  She kisses him.  She 
          says, "I've been knocking on doors in the name of sweet 
          charity. When you call on people at the cocktail hour, 
          people expect you to join them.  You wouldn't want the people 
          to think your wife has a drinking problem."  Tom insists, 
          "Susan, you're not an alcoholic."  Tom pours a drink.  Susan 
          says that it would take a miracle to save their marriage.  Tom 
          says, "God isn't dead, Susan."  Susan asks if Tom really 
          believes that God called him to the ministry."  Tom says that 
          he felt his life would be wasted if he went into business [with 
          her father].  She asks what his credentials are.  And what 
          right he has to tell people what they should do with their 
          lives.  She comes over and kisses and hugs him.  She talks 
          about stopping in White River and buying a bottle.  She says 
          that she went to a crummy motel and passed out. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi drops off his brother, Joe, on the wharf near Ada 
          Jacks' Tavern.  Rossi says, "Why the wharf.  Jill Smith lives 
          here.  You're not planning to pay her a social call, are you."  
          Joe says, "I don't think so.  But I'll have to check my 
          appointment book."  Rossi says, "Is she still your girl?" Rossi 
          says he'll drop around about lunch time.  Joe goes up the 
          boarding house steps to the outer door.  Eddie Jacks is 
          watching.  Joe goes on in and knocks on Jill's door.  Jill says 
          he's early.  Jill asks him what he wants.  He is there to 
          apologize.  He mentions the trouble in New York.  Joe 
          forcefully kisses her.  They argue.  Joe leaves and walks down 
          the steps.  Under the stairs is a door and a large sign saying:  

Scene 5:  Jill leaves her room and Eddie Jacks grabs her in the hallway.  
          Eddie wants her to talk.  They go back in her room.  Eddie 
          wants to know what Joe is running from.  Eddie says Joe is 
          rotten.  Eddie talks about Joe Chernak.  He says Joe Rossi is 
          the same kind.  Jill runs out of the apartment house. 

Preview:  Ada talks to Eddie.  Rita talks to Tom Winter.  Rodney talks to 
          AJ:  Try packing your bag, putting your hat on, and waving 
               goodbye.  I won't stop you this time. 
          RJ:  You're supposed to be kind and gentle and understanding.  
               You're confusing me.  What kind of minister are you? 

          RH:  Did he rough you up, Jill?  He did, didn't he?

Doris Botnick, bank teller nearest the entry door-only mentioned.