Episode 424.

          Joe confesses to Michael.

WA:       Today Joe Rossi, Dr. Michael Rossi's young brother, is 
          determined to prevent Jill Smith from telling the doctor about 
          his past life in New York.  The criminal involvement that 
          forced him to run.  Joe Rossi's only weapon is a direct 
          confession.  That is, as direct as Joe can make it.  By 
          seemingly opening up his life to his brother Joe feels that he 
          can truly gain his brother's understanding, and he can nullify 
          anything that Jill Smith might say or do. 

Intro:    Joe rides up as a passenger in a milk truck and gets off at the 
          south entrance of Doctors Hospital on Glover street. 

Scene 1:  Joe goes in Rossi's office and Rossi says, "Remind me to take 
          the Walk In sign off the door, will you?"   Joe says he wants 
          to set things straight.  He admits that he lied to his brother.  
          Joe says that the baby is Jill's baby and his.  He promised 
          Jill not to tell about the kid because he had been in trouble 
          in New York.  Joe says that the watchman at a warehouse was 
          hurt.  Joe says that he tried to stop the fight.  Don was 
          caught.  Don threatened Joe.  Joe says that there is no way he 
          can prove what happened.  Joe says that he is through running.  
          Joe asks Rossi what he should do. 

Scene 2:  Susan comes in the Clarion office and looks around.  She slams 
          the door. She starts over to the Press Room door.  Elliot 
          accuses her of intending to barge right in.  He asks what 
          happened to that nice woman.  That shy women.  The 
          ARMISTICE headline is still displayed on the wall.  
          Elliot asks where that polite young lady is.  He offers her 
          page 4.  She says that her father will match the funds.  Susan 
          asks for and gets a front page story.  She thanks him.  She 
          asks for a check also. 
          Constance comes in and Elliot kisses her.  Elliot complains 
          about Susan asking for a donation.  Susan tells Constance to 
          collect from Elliot.  Susan leaves.  Constance says, "I am 
          waiting for your donation, Mr. Carson." 

Scene 3:  Eddie is behind the bar in the Tavern as Ada comes in.  She 
          asks where he has been.  He says he has been around.  He talks 
          about "that punk" Joe Rossi.  Eddie says that he is going to 
          the cops.  He says that he has talked with Jill to find out 
          about Joe.  She tells him to stop it.  To leave Joe Rossi 
          alone.  He says that Joe Rossi and Joe Chernak are the same 
          person.  Ada says that Joe Rossi is not Joe Chernak.  Ada says, 
          "Try packing your bag, putting your hat on, and waving goodby.  
          I won't stop you this time."   Ada goes in the back room. 

Scene 4:  Jill is starting up the stairs to the apartment house stairs.  
          She calls to Rodney.  Jill invites him up to her apartment.  
          She tells him her toasting isn't working.  He asks about Eli 
          Carson.  They go upstairs to her room.  She says she 
          appreciates it.  He plugs in the toaster.  She closes the door.  
          He asks if she is expecting someone.  He and tells her that it 
          is working okay.  She opens the door for him to leave.  Rodney 
          asks if Joe roughed her up.  Rodney asks if she has a phone.  
          She says the phone is in the hall.  He gives her his phone 
          number and tells her goodnight.  He gives her his phone number 
          and leaves.  

Scene 5:  Rita goes to see Rev. Winter and asks for advice.  Rita asks if 
          he gives her advice if they will have to start going to church.  
          He says she doesn't and she doesn't have to make a donation.  
          Rita says she is depressed and is having nachtmares about Joe 
          Chernak.  Tom says that he is capable of helping her.  Rita 
          says that she knew her baby wouldn't live.  Because she 
          shouldn't marry him.  Tom says that her baby and her old 
          boyfriend are dead.  That was her punishment.  She says that 
          she loves Norman.  But she says that she must leave him.  Tom 
          says that Joe Chernak doesn't have any power over her.  That 
          Norman loves Rita.  Rita asks what kind of minister he is.  
          Susan peeks in the window.  Rita leaves in a huff.  Susan 
          taunts Tom about the attention he pays others.  She asks to be 
          next.  She wants his attention. 

Preview:  Susan talks to Tom.  Norman talks to Rita.  Joe talks with Jill 
          on the phone. 

          SW:  When one partner rejects the other's love for whatever 
               personal reasons, that love can die of neglect.

          NH:  He's gone.  He's dead and it's wrong for you to see him in 
               Joe Rossi. 
          RJ:  If the shoe fits.
          NH:  What gives.

          JR:  That kid you gave away is my kid and I've got a right to 
               claim what's mine. 
          JS:  You told them your version of what happened in New York.  
               The police will get mine.