Episode 425.
          Betty plans for her third wedding.

WA:       The Rev. Tom Winter is not in the habit of handing out 
          clichés to those who are troubled enough to seek his 
          advice.  Tonight, Rita Harrington found this out.  Rita knows, 
          however, that the minister's comments about her relationship to 
          the late Joe Chernak and to her husband, Norman, are true and 
          honest and she must deal with them.  Those same comments, 
          however, are themselves a mockery on his life.  A bitter 
Intro:    Tom Winter and Rita Harrington are talking in the Winter home.  
          Susan comes in. 

Scene 1:  Rev. Tom asks Susan how much she heard.  She said she heard 
          nothing.  Susan says, "There is nothing more precious than the 
          love between a man and a woman.  Love can die of neglect." 
          Susan drinks.  Susan plays the piano.  Susan tunes the viola.  
          Tom Winter goes upstairs. 
Scene 2:  In the apartment, Rita comes in and talks with Norman.  She 
          said she went to see Rev. Winter.  Rita fusses at Norman for 
          drinking out of the milk bottle.  She gets a glass and pours 
          herself some milk.  She takes a sip.  Norman fusses at Rita for 
          drinking out of his glass.  Rita kisses Norman.  Joe Rossi 
          telephones and invites them over to listen to records. 
Scene 3:  At a restaurant, Rodney and Betty have finished eating.  Rodney 
          is ready to leave but Betty wants to stay a bit longer.  Betty 
          says the final divorce papers are almost ready.  Mr. Wainwright 
          had called her. 

Scene 4:  In the livingroom of the Peyton mansion, Steven says, "I'll 
          drink to that."  Steven is talking to Hannah's very old 
          attorney Mr. Matthew John Wainwright about his 
          divorce from Betty.  Steven offers Wainwright a drink, and then 
          observes that Wainwright doesn't drink while "on duty."  John 
          Wainwright is representing Betty.  He asserts that Peyton did 
          not manipulate the marriage.  Steven says he appreciates 
          Wainwrights coming down.  Wainwright starts to leave.  Steven 
          calls him "John" and then rambles on and on.  Wainwright 
Scene 5:  At the Rossi beach house, Joe calls Jill, pretending to be his 
          brother, Dr. Rossi.  The phone is answered by Sarah.  She walks 
          to Jill's door and tells her that Dr. Rossi is on the phone for 
          her.  Joe talks to Jill.  Jill says, "You gave him your version 
          of what happened in New York.  The police will get mine."  
          Norman and Rita come in to visit in response to his invitation 
          of scene 2 this episode.  [For her 14 seconds on the 
          phosphorous screen, Sarah Taft is given credit at the end of 
          the episode.] 

Scene 6:  Betty comes in the Inn and meets up with Rev. Tom Winter and 
          asks if he has a minute.  They sit at a table.  He asks if she 
          would like something to drink.  Tom says that he has just had 
          dinner with fifteen members of the Founders Day Committee.  
          They had chicken croquettes and baby peas.  [Croquette is from 
          a french word meaning "crunch".]  She tells him she is getting 
          divorced.  Betty asks the reverend if there are any rules about 
          a divorced woman getting married in his church.  She says that 
          she is re-marrying her first husband, Rodney Harrington.  He 
          asks if Rodney wants to be married in a church.  Betty says 
          that she and Steven were married in his grandfather's house.  
          He says that she thinks it is important. 
Scene 7:  Norman and Rita return to the apartment.  He asks if he can get 
          her anything.  He says that he doesn't like poker parties.  He 
          says that someone always gets hurt.  They talk about the late 
          Joe Chernak.  Norman says, "he's gone.  He's dead."  Rita goes 
          in the bedroom and locks the door. 

Preview:  Rita talks to Tom Winter.  Jill Smith talks to Constance and 
          Elliot.  Eddie Jacks talks to Joe Rossi. 
          RJ:  I've been having these awful dreams about Joe Chernak.  
               I've  dreamt that he wanted me back.  And that I would 
               always he his, and would never be a wife to Norman. 
          JS:  Joe's mean and rotten.  You mustn't let him near her.
          EC:  Why are you trying to frighten my wife.  What are you 
               after?  What the devil do you want?
          EJ:  I saw the way you looked at my daughter.  What is it 
               that you're running from? 
          JR:  Who says that I'm running from anything?
          EJ:  I do.
          JR:  You're bats.

Matthew John Wainwright, Sr.-Paul Newlan, 80-ish. 
Sarah-Sarah Taft.  Sara Taft.  14 seconds.  [TZ epi 108, Death Ship]
Susan Winter plays the piano.