Episode 426.
          Rita leaves the apartment.
WA:       Early morning in Peyton Place.  For some, the night has been 
          endless.  For Norman Harrington, the bedroom door has stayed 
          locked.  His wife, Rita, simply closed him out of her life.  
          Norman has known for some time that Rita has suffered because 
          of recollections of the late Joe Chernak.  He knows that she 
          has seen Chernak in the face and character of Joe Rossi, Dr. 
          Rossi's young brother.  But Norman doesn't know that Rita can 
          not live with her nightmares any longer. 
Intro:    Square.  Pharmacy.  Window above Pharmacy.  Inside the 
Scene 1:  Norman gets up, looks at the alarm clock (7:31), goes over to 
          the bedroom door, and knocks.  He opens the door and finds Rita 
          is gone.  Norman telephones Ada at the tavern.  She has not 
          seen Rita, but asks Norman to let her know when she shows up. 
Scene 2:  Ada and Eddie are eating breakfast as the phone rings.  Ada 
          tells Eddie that Rita took off.  Eddie asks Ada what happened 
          to Rita.  She says that she doesn't know. 
Scene 3:  Susan is having coffee in bed.  Tom is beside her in his 
          clerical collar.  She spills some of the coffee on Tom.  He 
          tells her she must go meet the Carsons.  She fusses at him 
          because she doesn't want to go.  Susan gets up and brushes her 
          teeth.  The door chimes ring.  Tom goes downstairs to see who 
          is at the door.  It is Rita.  Tom invites Rita in and they 
          talk.  She says it will only take a minute.  She talks about 
          her dreams of Joe Chernak.  Susan drops something upstairs.  
          Susan calls for Tom.  He says he will call her very soon and 
          she leaves. 
Scene 4:  Constance is playing with Kelly.  They are in the bandstand.  
          Elliot has found the original plans for the bandstand in the 
          Clarion files.  Elliot asks if Susan has showed up.  Joe and 
          Dr. Rossi arrive.  Joe holds Kelly for a while.  Joe and Dr. 
          Rossi get in the red convertible and leave.  
Scene 5:  Constance puts Kelly in the playpen and talks to Elliot.  Jill 
          comes in and asks about Joe Rossi.  Jill says that you must not 
          let Joe Rossi near Kelly.  Kelly is fussing so Constance picks 
          him up. 
Scene 6:  Rodney and Betty are eating at the Inn.  Rodney takes 4 rings 
          out of his pocket and shows them to Betty.  Rodney warns Betty 
          that they will be running into Steven all the time.  Betty says 
          she doesn't think she can stand it.  Steven is watching. 
Scene 7:  At the Cider Barrel, Joe is eating as Eddie comes in.  Eddie 
          grabs Joe.  Charlie says, "Break it up you guys."  Eddie says, 
          "Where's Rita?" Joe says, "Man, you flipped."  
Scene 8:  The cars drive up and Norman and Tom get out and go over and 
          talk with Eli.  Eli tells Tom that Susan is in Norman and Rita 
          Harrington's apartment over the Pharmacy watching the phone. 
Scene 9:  Susan is waiting in the apartment.  She says that the apartment 
          was open so she came in and she hopes he doesn't mind.  Susan 
          tells Norman to sit down.  She has made some coffee.  Norman 
          asks Tom about the meeting Tom had with Rita that morning.   
Scene 10: Joe is still inside the Cider Barrel.  Out the window he sees 
          Rita.  He goes outside and follows her.  Rita goes in the 
          warehouse.  A large shadow is seen on the wall.  [1968 special 
          effects].  Rita runs.  Joe grabs her.  Rita struggles. 
Preview:  With Constance watching, Elliot talks to Joe.  Rita talks to 
          Norman.  Joe talks to Eddie.  Eddie swings at Joe. 
          EC:  I don't know what you're trying to prove, or what kind of 
               a sick game you're playing.  But, we're not interested.  
               Do you understand that?  Now get out of here. 
          RJ:  Oh, Norman.  I love you.  Please say you do love me. 
          JR:  Lay off, old man, I'm warning you.