Episode 427.
          Joe Rossi and Eddie Jacks get into a fight.
WA:       Rita Harrington has come back.  Back to that terrifying moment 
          in her life when she first met the late Joe Chernak.  Back to a 
          warehouse on the Peyton Place wharf, where in the shadows, she 
          accepted a way of life that has tormented her ever since. 

Intro:    Rita walking on the wharf.  She goes up the stairs to a 
Scene 1:  Rita looks around.  Joe Rossi follows her in.  She has a 
          flashback.  Joe Rossi grabs her and tells her that he is not 
          Joe Chernak.  Eddie comes in the warehouse. 
Scene 2:  Starting inside the warehouse, Eddie Jacks and Joe Rossi fight.  
          Joe gets away.  Eddie catches him outside on the wharf.  Eddie 
          opens the Tavern door and calls to Ada.  Ada comes out and sees 
          Eddie lying on the ground. 
Scene 3:  From a pay phone, Joe calls his brother.  He says to get down 
          to the wharf and bring his black bag.  Eli and Rita help Eddie 
          to a back room in the Tavern.  She tells the patrons that she 
          is closing early. 
Scene 4:  Rita tells Ada that the fight was her fault.  Eli tries to get 
          Eddie to lie down.  Ada tells Joe to wait for the doctor 
          outside.  Rita tells her mother that she went there to relive 
          the past to try to get over it.  It was suggested to her by 
          Reverend Tom Winter.   
Scene 5:  Norman comes in followed by Dr. Rossi and Joe.  Eddie is 
          checked by the doctor.  He has a wound on his right forehead.  
          Eddie sees Joe and says, "Get that young punk out of here."  
          Rossi wraps gauze all the way around Eddie's head.  Rossi 
          fusses at his brother.  Rossi tells Joe he should have kicked 
          him out that first night.  Rossi leaves the Tavern. 
Scene 6:  Joe goes to the beach house and gets a photograph of Allison.  
          Michael had given his sister, Lisa, the photograph when he was 
          in New York last year.  Joe shows up at the Carson house.  He 
          is reluctantly invited in.  He shows the Carsons the 
          photograph.  Constance had taken the picture of Allison and Dr. 
          Rossi.  Joe tells Elliot that the baby is Jill's and that Joe 
          is the father.  Elliot tells him that he doesn't believe Joe.  
          Elliot says, I don't know what kind of sick game you're 
          playing."  Jill used Allison's name when Kelly was born.  Jill 
          thinks he is a monster.  Joe leaves.  Elliot leaves to go talk 
          with Michael. 

Preview:  Susan talks with Steven.  Elliot talks with Rossi.  Jill talks 
          with Constance. 
          SW:  You know we really have a great deal in common, Steven.
          SC:  But not the sort of thing that makes for the kind of  
               friendship you seem to be suggesting.  I'm not available 
               for making husbands jealous. 
          EC:  Stay away from me.  Stay away from Connie.  From both of 
               us.  You're a fake Mike. 
          JS:  I want to see my baby.
          CM:  She's not your baby, you disowned her the day she was