Episode 428.

          Rodney and Betty make wedding plans.
WA:       Tonight, a chain reaction of events has exploded.  An incident 
          in a warehouse on the wharf touched it off, and left Eddie 
          Jacks beaten and badly hurt.  Now Elliot Carson has just 
          learned that Dr. Rossi knew all about the true parentage of the 
          baby Jill Smith brought to town months ago.  Knew and failed to 
          come forward and tell the truth. 
Intro:    Car driving on the square.  Elliot gets out and goes in the 
Scene 1:  Miss Choate tells Rossi that Elliot is waiting for him in his 
          office.  Elliot asks Rossi why he didn't come forward and tell 
          them the truth about the baby.  Rossi says he did what he did 
          to help his brother.  Elliot doesn't buy it.  Elliot says that 
          Dr. Rossi played God. 
Scene 2:  In response to Constance' invitation, Jill Smith goes to visit 
          Constance and to see her baby, Kelly.  Constance unloads on 
          Jill.  Constance accused Jill of lying.  Constance is furious.  
          Jill wanted Kelly to have a good home.  Jill says, "I want to 
          see my baby."  Constance says, "She's not your baby.  You 
          disowned her the day she was born." 
Scene 3:  Norman comes home to find Rita tidying up.  She says tomorrow, 
          she is going to the Laundromat.  She gathers up the dirty 
          clothes and put them in the ditty bag.  Norman retrieves dirty 
          clothes from drawers, from under the furniture, and from behind 
          pillows. [60's humor]. 
Scene 4:  Eddie Jacks drives up to the apartment in his jalopy.  Ada is 
          with him.  His forehead has a bandage.  He gets out and goes 
          around to the passenger side and talks to Ada.  She stays in 
          the car while he climbs the steps.  He starts to knock and he 
          sees Ada watching.  He comes back down the steps, she thanks 
          him, and they drive off.  The apartment light goes out. 
Scene 5:  Steven is eating dinner as Mary comes and interrupts him to say 
          that Mrs. Winter would like to see him.  She comes in and they 
          talk.  She says that the tickets to the benefit luncheon have 
          all been sold.  Steven asks her why she came to see him. She 
          says that she knows he is lonely.  She says, "You know we 
          really have a great deal in common, Steven."  Susan says that 
          Betty and Rodney are coming to her house tonight to discuss 
          their wedding. 

Scene 6:  At the Winter house, Betty and Rodney arrive to talk to 
          Reverend Winter about their wedding.  Tom says that Susan should 
          be there but she isn't because she is working on the benefit 
          luncheon for the children's wing of the hospital and the Founders 
          Day Festival.  Tom says he would be delighted.  Susan returns.  
          Tom hugs Susan.  Betty tells Susan that Tom has already agreed 
          to marry them.  Tom tells Susan that she deliberately created 
          an awkward situation.  Tom says, "You are not going to use 
          Steven Cord to make me jealous."  Susan says, "If it doesn't 
          \\]work I can have a lot of fun trying." 
Preview:  Elliot calls to Constance.  Dr. Rossi talks to Joe.  Ada speaks 
          to Rita about Eddie. 
          EC:  Connie, open up the door.  Connie, if you don't open up 
               the door ... 
          CM:  I can't give the baby up, Elliot.
          JR:  I don't owe you anything.
          MR:  Yes, you do.  I just want to know the truth.
          JR:  The truth.  You wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in 
               the mouth. 
          AJ:  I never cared for that fast talking, slow working, no good