Episode 429.

          Eddie Jacks leaves town on the bus. 
WA:       Tonight Dr. Michael Rossi, accused his young brother, Joe, of 
          coming to Peyton Place, not just to hide, not just to pick up a 
          relationship with his brother, but to force Dr. Rossi to pay 
          for leaving the family home so many years ago.  Dr. Rossi's 
          anger touched off an explosion, an explosion inside of Joe. 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi is seen through the windows of the beach cottage 
          walking to the front door.  He unlocks the door and goes in. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi tells Joe that he just wants to know the truth.  The 
          point is that Joe thought the police were going to lock him up 
          because of his fight with Eddie Jacks.  Joe says that he could 
          have run off.  Joe mentions the warehouse and Rita.  Joe tells 
          off his brother.  Joe prepares to leave.  He carries his duffle 
          bag to the door.  Michael tells Joe that he can stay.  
Scene 2:  Eddie comes into the Tavern area from a back room, wearing a 
          very nice looking suit.  He has a bandage on his right forehead 
          from the fight with Joe Rossi.  Rita comes in the front door.  
          Eddie greets her, calling her princess.  Rita tells him that
          she does not want Eddie to go to the police.  She says that if 
          he goes to the police then she will have to go also.  Rita says 
          that Joe never laid a hand on her.  Rita leaves.  Eddie drinks 
          a cup of coffee. 
Scene 3:  In the Carson home, Elliot is on the phone.  He says there is 
          no answer so the baby sitter must be on the way.  They talk 
          about getting rid of the clothes.  Constance doesn't understand 
          why Rossi didn't tell them the truth, that it was not Allison's 
          child.  Elliot hears a car drive up.  Constance says that she 
          thinks that Kelly knows she is leaving today.  Constance goes 
          to get Kelly as the door chime rings.  The baby sitter is 
          Laurie, the Cider Barrel Laurie, the tall blonde.  Laurie says 
          the room is locked but Constance doesn't open it.  Elliot goes 
          up to find the door still locked. 
Scene 4:  Ferris wheel is revolving, on the square, across from the 
          pillory.  In front of the Chamber of Commerce Building and the 
          bank.  No one riding.  Tom and Susan drive by the pillory, turn 
          left and park.  They get out of the gray station wagon.  Susan 
          Winter calls out, "Oh, Mr. Cord" to Steven.  Susan tells Tom 
          that she can save him the trouble of checking on the luncheon 
          at the Peyton house by riding over there with Steven.  Steven 
          comes over and agrees without enthusiasm to take Susan to the 
          luncheon.  Eli comes over to talk with Tom Winter.  He says he 
          needs a man's opinion because the women are so traditional.  
          Tom's mind is elsewhere, so Eli excuses himself and goes back 
          to work. 
Scene 5:  Rita comes in the Tavern talking a blue streak, knocks and 
          calls through the door to her father.  She opens the door but 
          her father isn't there.  Ada is sitting on the bed.  Rita 
          listens as Ada reads the farewell note from Eddie. 
                "Princess, like the man said, that I'm ever late. 
                 I wanted to help you.  I wound up hurting you. 
                 I guess I just got started too late with you and 
                 your mom.  And I've been running out of the money 
                 ever since.  Even a pure bred sucker like me can see 
                 it's time to quit.  So put everything you have on Norm.  
                 He's got what it takes to make you a winner.  Pop." 

          Ada sums up her thoughts by saying, "I never cared for that 
          fast talking, slowing working, no good bum." 

Scene 6:  Eddie, carrying a suitcase and an overcoat, walks up to the 
          Interstate Bus and hands the driver a large bill, possibly a 
          twenty.  The driver asks, "Where to?"   He says, "As far as it 
          will take me."  He tells the driver he wants a one-way ticket.  
          The driver tells him to get on, he is behind schedule.  Eddie 
          gets on the bus followed by the driver.  The bus pulls out.  
          Eddie waves goodbye to the town.  He still has the bandage on 
          his forehead.  It wasn't explained what happened to his jalopy.  
          Eddie drove his jalopy in the previous episode.  Ada drives a 
          large Cadillac. 

Preview:  Joe talks to Jill.  Tom talks to Susan.  Constance talks to 
          JR:  What about me?  Twenty bucks a week.  I mean that entitles 
               me to something. 
          JS:  It's called child support.  That's what it's called. 

          TW:  Mr. Cord is not being too cooperative.  That may be your 
               one problem, Susan.  Mr. Cord may just be too discrete to 
               suit your purposes. 
          SW:  Anything for sweet charity.
          CM:  Don't try to do it alone.  Find someone, Jill, who loves 
               Kelly, as much as you do.
Interstate Bus driver.
In real life, Dan Duryea is terminally ill.
Duffle can also be spelled duffel.  Both are correct.
Duffle is a heavy fabric.