Episode 430.
          Carolyn meets Joe at the Founders Day Festival. 

WA:       The Founders Festival is underway.  For most residents of this 
          small New England town like Steven Cord, today is a day of 
          celebration, of putting aside of one's troubles.  But there are 
          others who will see the festival as an ironic comment on their 
          own lives. 

Intro:    Founders Day Festival.  Ferris wheel.  Cannon torch being 
          lighted.  Steven Cord fires the Cannon.  Ferris wheel.  Steven 
          walks over to the food booth. 
Scene 1:  Elliot and Eli spot Steven and walk up and chat.  They go over 
          to the Book Gallery to see Constance.  Constance is drying her 
          tears.  She tells him his books have come in.  Elliot says 
          there is no law that says she has to stay open.  Eli says that 
          today is the day Jill comes to take the baby.  
Scene 2:  Carolyn comes to get Constance and leads her to the Pillory.  
          Carolyn reads the proclamation.  

          CR:  Hear ye.  Hear ye.
          (drum roll) 
          CR:  Constance Carson has been condemned to public persecution 
               in the Pillory.
          CM:  Is that a way of saying I'm a witch.
          Constance is punished.  The photographers take her picture. 
Scene 3:  In room 5 of the boardinghouse, Jill is taking care of the baby 
          as Joe comes in the open door to pay her his child support.  
          Joe says he is there by court order.  He says that 20 bucks a 
          week entitles him to something.  Joe says that they should go 
          back to the way it was.  Joe gives Jill some money.  (Probably 
          $20.00).  Jill threatens Joe with scissors. 
Scene 4:  Norman talks to Rita in the apartment.  She is lining drawers 
          with shelf paper.  Norman says, "He's your father, you have a 
          right to miss him."  Norman says that he is glad Eddie is gone.  
          Norman falls. 
Scene 5:  Back at the festival, Tom Winter is throwing darts, breaking 
          balloons.  Susan is with him.  She seems in a good mood.  He is 
          trying to win her a prize.  Susan throws a dart.  She talks 
          about the Founders luncheon.  She says the ladies were 
          disappointed that Steven didn't act as host.  [Howevere, did 
          fire the cannon].  Tom tells Susan not to overextend herself.  

Scene 6:  Carolyn buys a red balloon from the balloon man.  Joe walks 
          over and starts talking.  Carolyn asks Joe where he is from.  
          She talks him into being put in the Pillory.  She takes his 
          picture.  She asks him her name.  She says her name is 
          "Serendipity."  He finally admits his name is Joe Rossi.  He 
          asks when the pictures will be ready.  He puts her in the 
          Pillory.  He takes her picture.  He asks what grade she is in.  
          She says what difference does it make.  He asks her age.  She 
          says what difference does it make.  He asks her to go for a 
          ride, to the wharf, in the red sports car.  He opens the door 
          for her.  They drive. 
Scene 7:  Jill comes into the book store.  Eli and Elliot are waiting.  
          They have a 4:00 o'clock appointment set up by the judge.  Eli 
          calls Constance.  Constance comes down the stairs with Kelly.  
          Constance hands the baby over to Jill.  Constance says that she 
          can't condone what she did but she does understand. 
Scene 8:  Carrying her baby, Jill walks over to the square.    

Preview:  Susan talks with Tom.  Dr. Rossi talks with Jill.  Joe talks 
          with Jill. 
          SW:  Me, or your ministry, you can't have both.  I'll give 
               you such grounds for a divorce you'll find it impossible 
               to live with me.  You won't be able to take it. 
          MR:  How much longer are you going to stay here?
          JS:  I'm not going to be separated from my baby again.  I can't 
               tell you how thrilled I am you stopped by.  Don't come 
          JR:  You're a big girl.  
          CR:  Yeah.
          JR:  Big girl is going to get treated like a big girl.
Serendipity-Carolyn Russell-Elizabeth "Tippy" Walker
"Tippy" Walker took her nickname from Tippi Hedren.
Harvey aka Joe Rossi-Michael Christian