Episode 431.
          Night of the Founders Day Festival.

WA:       The night of Founders Day Festival.  The teenagers call it 
          corny.  But who dares admit his real feelings when he's 16?  
          The older people just plain enjoy it.  Perhaps looking back to 
          the years when they thought it was corny, too, and secretly 
          loved every minute of it.  For Rodney Harrington and Betty 
          Anderson Cord, the last moments of the festival are bitter 
          sweet, holding out the promise of their wedding.  But refusing 
          to release them from the memories of the past. 
Intro:    Night at the Festival.  Ferris Wheel.  Eli Carson selling 
          tickets in a ticket booth.  Rodney and Betty riding on a Ferris 
Scene 1:  After getting off the Ferris Wheel Rodney goes over and speaks 
          to Norman and Rita.  Betty says she hates Founders Festival.  
          They go to the bandstand.  Rodney says the old people have a 
          festival to impress on the young that this is your heritage.  
          The band takes the bandstand away from Rodney and Betty. 
Scene 2:  Eli is walking along eating pop corn.  Eli calls to Carolyn who 
          is sitting in Dr. Rossi's red convertible.  She says that Eli 
          doesn't approve.  Eli tells Carolyn to tell her mother that he 
          has the Franklin stove that she ordered.  She says that 
          her mother probably forgot to cancel the order.  Carolyn says 
          that she and her mother are moving away for good.  Eli says he 
          will be sorry to see her go.  She says that her father bought 
          the beach house last winter and now he's stuck with it.  
          Eli leaves.  

          Joe Rossi comes back and sits in the driver's seat.  They talk.  
          Joe says that Eli would like to run him out of town.  He tells 
          her she is a big girl and will be treated like a big girl. Joe 
          tries to kiss Carolyn and she fights him off and leaves. 
Scene 3:  Jill is playing with Kelly as Dr. Rossi knocks on her door.  He 
          comes in and talks with Jill.  He asks her how long she is 
          going to stay in town.  He says the air in the room is stale.  
          Rossi says that he wants to help her.  Rossi says he is related 
          to the baby by blood.  Rossi tells her about a secretarial job 
          with the Rev. Tom Winter.  Rossi has known Rev. Winter for a 
          long time.  He has made an appointment for her.  He thinks that 
          she would be right for the job. 
Scene 4:  In the Winter house, the manse, Tom and Susan have just gotten 
          back.  They talk about the festival.  He says, "Let's go up to 
          bed."  She says for him to go on up, she'll be up shortly.  
          Susan calls Steven and thanks him for the use of his house.  
          She says that she called to say thank you.  He says he finds 
          her attractive, but she loves her husband.  Steven suggests 
          that Susan discuss her problem with her husband.  She goes up 
          and tells Tom that she called Steven to thank him for the use 
          of his house.  Tom complains about her getting drunk in public.  
          Susan wants him to choose between her and his ministry. Tom 
          says he won't abandon her, no matter how many affairs she has. 
          [not true].  Tom says he has nothing left to give anybody.  She 
          says that she needs him.  They kiss. 
Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi returns to his beach house and talks with his 
          brother, Joe.  He tells Joe that he went by to see Jill.  Dr. 
          Rossi tells his young brother that he has a lovely beautiful 
          child, and that she deserves a chance.  Joe tells the doctor 
          that he and Jill hate each other.  Dr. Rossi wants to help, to 
          find Jill a better job. 
Preview:  Rodney talks with Betty.  Joe talks with Carolyn.  Rita talks 
          to Dr. Rossi. 
          RH:  I'm free.  Free to do what I want to do. 
          BA:  We have to think about our marriage.  And we agreed 
               that we'd leave everything on the table.  Right? 
          JR:  How come you are so agreeable today?  
          CR:  Would you let go of my hand, please?  Let go.
          RJ:  You're not telling me everything.  You're not telling 
               me the truth.  What haven't you told me?  Why are you 
               keeping something from me?