Episode 432.
          Jill goes to work for Tom Winter.

WA:       Carolyn Russell has a sharp wit, a dry sense of humor, and a 
          maturity far beyond her years.  Last night [at the Founders Day 
          Festival] she met a young man, Joe Rossi, who seemed to her, to 
          be ideal target for a put-on.  She put Joe on.  She kidded him.  
          She confused him.  She angered him.  But Joe had the last word.  
          He reached out for her, challenged her.  Carolyn ran.  
          [previous episode, scene 2].  Today, the sharp wit is still.  
          The sense of humor subdued.  Carolyn is experiencing the 
          feeling of being a child.  It is the worst possible feeling for 
          someone who considers herself a woman. 
Intro:    Carolyn walking, carrying books, goes into the Cider Barrel and 
          orders a mug of cider from Laurie, the tall blonde who 
          sometimes babysits.  
Scene 1:  Joe Rossi is sitting at a table.  Carolyn asks if she can sit 
          down.  He doesn't respond.  She starts to leave.  He asks her 
          if she has a note from home.  He asks her to sit.  He asks her 
          why she is so agreeable today.  They talk.  Joe leaves.  He 
          looks up the steps to the boarding house thinking about going 
Scene 2:  Susan brings breakfast for Tom, and tells him to get back in 
          bed.  Tom puts on his clerical collar.  She ties it for him.  
          She wants to go to Boston, today.  The door chimes ring.  He 
          opens the door and Jill comes in.  The phone rings.  The door 
          Chimes ring.  

          Police Sgt. Bates and his son Richard have an appointment for 
          tomorrow but he would like to see him today.  The other phone 
          rings and Jill takes the call.  It is obvious that the 
          reverend's responsibilities are keeping him from taking care of 
          his wife's needs.  She has taken over without even being hired. 
Scene 3:  Elliot comes in the Book Gallery and talks with Constance about 
          leaving Peyton Place.  He has just gotten another letter from 
          George Adams, offering him a job, editorials, special 
          assignments.  Elliot says he knows what a prison is and that 
          the town is becoming a prison for Constance.  He hands her an 

                         Furnished two story three 
                         bedroom, immediate occupancy.  
                         Contact Mr. or Mrs. Elliot Carson.

          He says that they should have left the day they realized that 
          Allison wasn't coming back.  Elliot says that there is nothing 
          left in this town but bitterness.  Elliot leaves. 

Scene 4:  Elliot sees Dr. Rossi on the street, they look at each other, 
          but don't speak.  Elliot is still angry that Rossi wasn't up 
          front with him about Kelly. 
Scene 5:  Rita comes in to see Dr. Rossi.  Rossi tells her that there is 
          no further growth of scar tissue.  Rita says that he is not 
          telling her everything.  Rossi said that he is moody today.  He 
          has had a misunderstanding with Elliot Carson.  Norman comes in 
          and gets Rita. 
Scene 6:  In the Shoreline garage, Betty comes in and shows Rodney her 
          new dress.  They talk about their upcoming wedding. 
Scene 7:  Tom Winter and Jill Smith are walking down the sidewalk 
          together.  He thanks her.  She thanks him for walking her home.  
          She mentions that Laurie, at the Cider Barrel, is baby sitting 
          for her.  She takes her baby up the stairs to the boarding 
          house.  Joe is watching. 
Preview:  Constance talks to Dr. Rossi.  Carolyn talks to Tom Winter.  
          Betty talks to Steven. 

          CM:  Go to Elliot.  It means a lot to me.  He won't come to 
          CR:  I just want to know why.  Why are they getting 
               divorced?  And why do we have to move to New York? 
          BA:  You've already said everything there is to be said. 
          SC:  Not quite.  There's one thing left.  This is the 
               appropriate time to say it.  On the eve of your wedding. 
Sgt. Bates
Richard Bates-son of Sgt. Bates
Laurie, waitress and babysitter 
Carolyn Russell-Tippy Walker