Episode 433.
          Reverand Tom Winter counsels Carolyn Russell. 

WA:       The Reverend Tom Winter is an expert at the fine art of putting 
          one's house in order as long as the house is not his own.  
          Tonight, a young girl with a growing family crisis seeks him 
          out.  And once again Tom Winter has to deal with a problem that 
          he himself has to live with 24 hours a day.  The disintegration 
          of a marrriage. 

Intro:    Tom and Carolyn meet on the wharf and go in the Cider Barrel. 

Scene 1:  Carolyn is having a meal with Reverand Tom Winter in the Cider 
          Barrel.  He tells her that her mother is protecting her. 

Scene 2:  At the Carson house, the chimes ring.  Constance tells Elliot 
          to have Jerry leave the things outside.  Elliot goes to the 
          door.  It is Rodney, not Jerry.  Rodney asks Constance and 
          Elliot to stay for a couple of more days for his wedding to 
          Betty.  She speaks of Elliot's job and getting settled.  Rodney 
          says that the church will be empty without them.  Eli shows up.  
          Constance says that apartments don't have attics.  Rodney 
          leaves with a model ship. 

Scene 3:  Carolyn shows up at Steven Cord's office.  She says that she is 
          waiting for her mother.  She introduces herself to Steven.  
          Steven says that Carolyn must be excited.  They talk a while 
          and Marsha shows up.  They talk.  Marsha leaves. 

          Steven picks up the phone and dials the Colonial Posr Inn.  He 
          asks if Betty has returned.  She has.  The clerk asks if Steven 
          wants him to ring. 

Scene 4:  Steven goes to see Betty.  She says that he has said everything 
          there is to say.  He wishes her luck. 

Scene 5:  Constance goes to see Dr. Rossi to pick up the medical file 
          on baby Matthew.  She asks him to go and talk with Elliot.  
          She says that Elliot won't come to him. 

Preview:  Constance talks with Betty Anderson.  Joe talks to Carolyn.  
          Susan talks to Reverand Tom Winter. 
          CM:  We explained all of this to Rodney.  Didn't he tell you?
          BA:  I just need the approval of someone like you.  Allison's 

          JR:  I just want you to admit why you told your mother that 
               you're not going to New York with her.  You didn't want to 
               leave because you met me and you flipped.
          SW:  What kind of god is he?  Where is he when the two people he 
               has joined together are standing here telling each other 
               they still love each other but can't live together because 
               of him?