Episode 434.
          Constance and Elliot say goodbye.

WA:       The day has come.  The day that Dr. Michael Rossi thought he 
          would never see.  The day that the Elliot Carsons are leaving 
          Peyton Place.  An abrupt unforseen and bitterly painful end to 
          a friendship that had grown and flourished for many years.  And 
          Dr. Rossi is helpless to do anything about it. 

Intro:    Rossi drives up and gets out of his sporty red convertible.  
          Constance and Elliot are watching. 
Scene 1:  Elliot and Constance are in the Book Gallery, talking.  Betty 
          comes in.  Elliot tells her he knows of a house for rent.  
          Elliot leaves to supervise the movers.  Betty asks again for 
          the Carsons to stay for the wedding.  Betty says that Julie 
          isn't coming.  Constance says she is flattered, but they are 
          ready to leave.  Constance doesn't want any prolonged goodbyes.  
          Betty tells Constance that she will miss her.  Betty tells 
          Elliot that she will miss him.  Betty gets up on her tippy toes 
          and kisses Elliot goodbye. 

Scene 2:  Carolyn is on the bandstand conducting Schuberts Rosamunda to 
          an imaginary orchestra.  Marsha says they will have a talk when 
          she gets home.  Carolyn asks what Marsha and Fred talked about 
          in the courthouse.  Marsha says she is sorry that Carolyn is 
          bitter.  Carolyn says that she is not going to New York.  
          Carolyn runs off and gets in the red convertible with Joe 
Scene 3:  Jill comes in the chapel and talks with Tom Winter.  Susan 
          comes in and joins them. 
          Jill leaves and Susan comes in.  Susan asks how Jill is working 
          out.  He asks how Boston was.  Tom mentions the companies that 
          Susan's father has.  Susan wants more of his attention. 
Scene 4:  Carolyn and Joe are sitting in the red convertible in a park.  
          Carolyn tries to talk his ear off.  Carolyn complains about the 
          possibility that they are leaving.  Carolyn asks what a swinger 
          like Joe is doing in a town like this.  Joe says, "You didn't 
          want to leave because you met me and you flipped. 
Scene 5:  Elliot comes in the almost empty house and prepares to leave.  
          Constance says that this is a good house.  The house is for 
          rent.  Dr. Rossi shows up at the door and apologizes for giving 
          Constance and Elliot so much pain.  Elliot says forget it, its 
          over, its finished.  Elliot is sarcastic.  Elliot says he is 
          still angry.  Constance thanks Rossi for coming over.  Rossi 
          says he can't really believe they are leaving.  Eli will fix up 
          the house and either rent it or sell it.  Rossi says he can 
          take the key and give it to Eli in case they miss him.  Elliot 
          tells Rossi that he has been a good friend.  And he thanks him 
          for that.  Elliot shuts the door and leaves. 

Scene 6:  Elliot and Constance go over to see Eli across the street from 
          the General Store to say goodbye.  Eli says, have a good trip.  
          Elliot says take care of yourself.  Eli tells Matthew, goodbye.  
          Elliot helps Constance into the car.  He comes around and gets 
          in the driver's seat.   Eli walks off. 
Preview:  Betty talks to Julie.  Leslie talks to Rodney.  Joe talks with 
          BA:  Mother, I understand your needs.  But don't you see, I 
               can't fill them at the cost of my own marriage not again. 
          LH:  The mill's been sold.  Right from under me.  And I'm going 
               to be leaving you.  My services are no longer needed. 
          JR:  So you really dig her.
          TW:  That girl is trying to lift yourself out of the gutter, 
               your gutter.  Stay clear.