Episode 435.
          Steven is tricked into a meeting with Hannah.

WA:       Suddenly, the Carsons are gone and Peyton Place is empty.  
          Elliot Carson made the decision.  He had seen his wife, 
          Constance, take custody of a baby she believed was the child of 
          her missing daughter, Allison.  Then the truth was disclosed 
          and Constance returned the child to its natural mother, Jill 
          Smith.  The effect on Constance was overwhelming and Elliot 
          knew he had to take her away from the daily reminders of a 
          tangled past.  Elliot's father, Eli, and the family friend, Dr. 
          Michael Rossi, are left behind to care for an empty house.  
          They know that Elliot is right.  And they know too that any 
          thing that takes the Carsons away, somehow is wrong. 

Intro:    Eli hugs Constance.  Elliot helps Constance in the car.  Eli 
          hugs Elliot.  Eli wanders around on the square. 
Scene 1:  Eli goes to the Carson house and talks with Dr. Rossi.  Eli 
          puts the FOR RENT sign in the window.  Eli says he is 
          running an ad in the newspaper.  And that a fellow from White 
          River [Charlie Hagen] is going to keep the newspaper running. 
Scene 2:  At the Colonial Post Inn, William "Billy" Kennerly, Jr. comes 
          to break the bad news to Leslie.  The Peyton Mill has been sold 
          and Leslie is out.  "Billy" says that he has an appointment 
          with Steven Cord.  Leslie shakes Bill's hand and he leaves. 
Scene 3:  In her room at the Colonial Post Inn, Betty hears a knock on 
          the door.  It is her mother, Julie.  She comes in and hugs her 
          daughter.  Betty says that she didn't expect her mother to come 
          to the wedding since they had talked about it on the phone.  
          George is at home and constantly talks about the past.  Julie 
          says she owes it to him to stay with him, but she is suffering. 
Scene 4:  Tom Winter comes down the steps from the boarding house.  He 
          has been to see Jill.  In the Cider Barrel, Joe Rossi is 
          watching.  Tom goes in the Cider Barrel and speaks to Laurie.  
          Presently, Joe Rossi comes over to talk and needle the Rev. 
          Winter.  Joe starts off with, "Excuse me, father."  Tom 
          corrects him with "Reverend."  The chat starts off friendly 
          enough but gets real dirty.  Joe makes it clear that Jill is 
          his girl.  Tom Winter says that Jill is an excellent secretary.  
          He pays Laurie and leaves. 
Scene 5:  Leslie and Rodney are having supper with Norman and Rita in the 
          apartment.  Leslie tells them that the mill has been sold and 
          he is out as manager.  He says he will look for something else 
          to do.  Rodney mentions that his wedding is the next day. 
Scene 6:  Just outside Peyton Place, Steven is riding in a Peyton Place 
          Taxi Service cab with William Kennerly, Jr. toward the airport.  
          Steven says he doesn't understand why Peyton didn't fire Leslie 
          months ago.  Kennerly tells the driver to pull over.  They pull 
          up to the Peyton Limousine.  Steven goes over to the limousine 
          and says, "Mother." 
Preview:  Susan talks to Steven.  Carolyn talks to Tom and Marsha.  
          Hannah talks to Steven. 
          SW:  I like your style, Mr. Cord. I really do. 
          SC:  And I thought I was mad. 
          SW:  Maybe you are.  Maybe we both are.
          CR:  If everybody is telling everything the way it is,  why is 
               it all such a strain.  Why the rush to get me out of town. 

          HC:  Don't try to stop the wedding.  Don't try to do any of the 
               things you want to do to undermine their marriage. 
William Kennerly, Jr.-Don Dubbins
[It is the opinion of your reviewer that William Kennerly, Jr. is the 
  third Kennerly lawyer, the youngest of the lawyers.]