Episode 436.
          Betty and Rodney are married.  Hannah surprises Steven Cord. 

WA:       Steven Cord has been tricked.  On the assumption that he was 
          about to be given information on the sale of the Peyton mill, 
          Steven accepted a ride with William Kennerly, Jr. one of Martin 
          Peyton's Boston attorneys.  Now, Kennerly has ordered his taxi 
          to stop in secluded spot outside town and Steven has been 
          informed he has an appointment.  An appointment with an unknown 

Intro:    A yellow Peyton Place Taxi Service cab driving on a narrow road 
          just outside of Peyton Place. 
Scene 1:  The cab pulls over and William Bill Kennerly, Jr. tells Steven 
          that he has an appointment.  

          Steven goes over to the limousine and says, "Mother." He talks 
          with Hannah Cord.  She says she still thinks of him as her son.  
          Hannah tells Steven that Martin is in a Boston clinic.  She has 
          been in the south of France.  She hands Steven the bracelet 
          from the portrait to give to Betty.  She tells him that Peyton 
          sent the message for Steven to leave Betty and Rodney alone.  
          Hannah says it is too late for Steven to respect her. 
Scene 2:  In the manse, Susan is about to take another drink as the door 
          chime rings.  She admits Marsha and Carolyn.  They have come to 
          see Tom Winter.  Marsha says that she saw the cars but she 
          didn't realize he had a wedding today.  Tom says, "The grooms 
          don't always show up, but I think its a good idea that the 
          preacher is there, just in case." Marsha and Carolyn 
          wait in the living room. 
Scene 3:  Inside the Wayside Church sanctuary, organ music is heard and 
          the wedding ceremony commences.  Steven comes in late and 
          trades glances with Susan.  Eli has escorted Ada to the 
          wedding.  Norman, Rita and Dr. Rossi are there, also.  The 
          wedding goes off without a snag. 
Scene 4:  Outside the chapel, Rodney helps Betty into the convertible.  
          Norman says, "Lets go get the loot."  Steven walks over and 
          gives Betty a small package.  Betty tries to refuse it and 
          tells Rodney to drive off.  Susan goes over to Steven and says, 
          "Hey, loser, you buying?"  He says, "Why not?" 
Scene 5:  Marsha and Carolyn Russell are still waiting in the living room 
          of the manse.  Marsha runs her finger across the piano keys.  
          Rev. Tom Winter returns and she tells him that she and Carolyn 
          had a talk and they will not have to bother the Reverend any 
          more.   They have arrived at a compromise.  They are not 
          leaving, now, and when the time comes, Carolyn will not be such 
          a drag about it.  Marsha and Carolyn thank Rev. Winter and 

Scene 6:  At the Inn, Steven and Susan are drinking.  Steven asks if Tom 
          owns a gun.  She says no.  Susan asks what he was doing.  He 
          says, the same thing he is doing now.  Susan almost expected 
          Steven to do the "If any man thing."  Steven says, "She's 
          mine." Steven says, "I thought I was crazy." Susan says, "Maybe 
          we both are." 

Preview:  Rita talks with Norman.  Rodney talks with Betty.  Marsha talks 
          with Carolyn. 
          RJ:  Norman, All this money.  $50,000, look.  We got all this 
               money from grandfather Peyton.
          RH:  Let's start fresh, huh?  Let bygones be bygones.  Is that 
               what he said? 
          BA:  We have to believe that he meant what he said for our own 
          RH:  Then what did he crash our wedding for?

          MR:  What can you possibly see in him?  You're not going out 
               with him. 
          CR:  I am going out with him.

Peyton Place Taxi Service.