Episode 437.
06-06-68  The RFK assassination 6-5-68 preempted the 6-6-68 episode.
          Rodney and Betty marry.  Ada gives Norman and Rita the bank 
          deposit receipt for $50,000. 

WA:       Today, the Rev. Tom Winter united Rodney Harrington and Betty 
          Cord in marriage, in the presence of the bride's former 
          husband, Steven, and of his own wife Susan.  While the other 
          guests lingered to offer their congratulations, Steven and 
          Susan escaped to the Inn.  There, over a drink, each made a 
          frank admission to the other.  Steven that he will never under 
          any circumstances give up his claim to Betty.  And Susan that 
          she will drive her husband to admit he is a man before he is a 
          minister.  She will put Tom's human frailty to the test even at 
          the price of moving his young secretary, Jill, into their home. 
Intro:    Steven is walking Susan home.  They were having drinks at the 
          Colonial Post Inn, following the wedding of Betty and Rodney.  
Scene 1:  Tom Winter is in the chapel, collecting wedding programs that 
          have been left behind by guests.  Susan begins to help him tidy 
          up.  She admits to Tom, "I was a bad girl."  She admits that 
          she shouldn't have run out on him after the wedding ceremony.  
          She tells Tom that he should have his secretary doing the 
          cleaning up.  She further suggests to Tom that Jill should be 
          moved into the spare room in the parsonage with them. 
Scene 2:  In their room at the Colonial Post Inn, Betty is admiring her 
          reflection in a mirror.  She calls to Rodney to help her with a 
          button.  He comes over and helps her.  Betty is dressing for a 
          party.  Rodney is annoyed that Steven delivered Martin Peyton's 
          gift for them.  There is a knock on the door and Betty says, 
          "Come in."  A waiter comes in with a bottle of champagne and 
          uncorks it.  Three violinists follow him in and begin to 
          serenade the happy couple. 
Scene 3:  Ada is tending bar as Norman and Rita come in the Tavern.  Rita 
          asks Ada if she wanted a church wedding for Rita.  Norman asks 
          Ada if he could help her by working in the bar.  With the mill 
          being sold, he will need a job.  Ada asks if he has discussed 
          this with Rita.  Ada hands them the receipt for the $50,000 
          from Peyton.  Ada says that Eddie wanted to make sure that 
          Rita's future was secure. 
Scene 4:  As Norman and Rita are leaving the Tavern, Steven comes in.  He 
          walks over to the bar and dumps a sachet full of rice on an 
          octagonal table.  Steven tells Ada that Rodney and Betty did 
          not appreciate Steven Cord coming to the wedding.  He was not 
Scene 5:  Steven walks over to Betty and Rodney's new converted barn 
          house.  He slowly walks past an elevated water tank and goes 
          into the partially converted barn through a Dutch door.  He 
          picks up an automobile trouble light and looks around.  He goes 
          upstairs.  He picks up a large poster of Rodney and Betty, 
          apparently placed there by Norman.  He throws it on the floor.  
          This barn house is located very near the Shoreline dance hall 
          and cafe and the Shoreline Garage. 
Scene 6:  Marsha Russell is talking on the phone with Mr. Bateman, the 
          real estate agent, and she tells him that she needs a house for 
          two or three months.  Bateman suggests the Robinson house on 
          Elm and the Carson house on Seaberry Lane.  The door chime 
          rings.  Joe Rossi is there to see Carolyn but he puts Marsha on 
          by pretending to be a magazine salesman.  He admits that he is 
          there to see Carolyn.  She asks if he has a date with Carolyn.  
          She asks where they are going.  Joe is evasive. 
Scene 7:  Marsha goes upstairs and tells Carolyn that Joe Rossi is 
          downstairs waiting for her.  Carolyn is combing her hair.  
          Marsha asks Carolyn how they met.  Marsha asks what Carolyn 
          sees in Joe Rossi.  Marsha tells Carolyn she cannot go out with 
          Joe.  Carolyn says that she is going out with Joe, unless 
          Marsha absolutely forbids it.  Marsha goes back 
Preview:  Carolyn talks with Joe.  Marsha talks with Rossi.  Jill talks 
          with Joe.  Tom comes in interrupting. 
          CR:  Take me home Joe.
          JR:  You know you're going to come up with a corny line like 
               that.  I'm just going to have to say we just got here. 
          CR:  I mean it.
          MR:  I can see what a problem this is to you.  But that's why 
               I'm here. 
          MR:  Miss Russell.
          MR:  Doctor, I came to you because I'm desperate.
          JR:  I've got to know where to send the money for Kelly.
          JS:  Out.
          JR:  You wouldn't want to miss those weekly checks, would you 
          TW:  Let go of her.
Mr. Bateman, real estate agent.