Episode 438.
          Marsha Russell introduces herself to Dr. Rossi.

WA:       Less than an hour ago, Joe Rossi showed up at the home of 
          Marsha Russell and announced he was going to take out her 
          daughter, Carolyn.  There had been no plans.  No date of any 
          kind.  Joe simply assumed that Carolyn would be interested.  
          But Carolyn must decide whether her feelings are honest or 
          whether she is spending time with Joe in order to hit back at 
          her mother. 

Intro:    On the wharf, near the boardinghouse and the Tavern, Joe gets 
          out of his brother's the red convertible, goes around and helps 
          Carolyn out, and they go aboard an excursion boat. 
Scene 1:  Carolyn and Joe walk toward the excursion boat.  She walks up 
          the gangway.  He follows.  She points out the deck, the stern, 
          the bow, the cabins.  Carolyn says, "All ashore who's going 
          ashore."  Joe says that he is more interested in her.  She says 
          that she prefers Tuckers' Point.  He tries to kiss her.  She 
          evades him.  In the wheelhouse, he tries again to kiss her.  
          Joe tells her to close her eyes and pretend she is at Tuckers' 
          Point.  She says, take me home. 
Scene 2:  Miss Choate is paged to pick up on line 22.  In the hospital, 
          reception area, Marsha introduces herself to Dr. Rossi.  She 
          has come in to ask to Dr. Rossi to keep his brother Joe away 
          from Carolyn.  She complains that Joe is forcing himself on 
          Carolyn.  Marsha says that Carolyn is sweet, innocent, and 
          attractive.  Rossi says she seems ideal.  Dr. Fielding is paged 
          to emergency.  Dr. Rossi continue their chat. 

          The phone at the Information desk rings as Marsha is leaving.  
          Eli Carson asks Dr. Rossi to come over to the old Elliot Carson 
          house to help decide whether or not to rent the house to a lady 
          who will be coming over.  Eli doesn't tell Rossi that the lady 
          is Marsha Russell. 
Scene 3:  Joe Rossi goes to visit Jill Smith in room 5 of Mrs. Hewitt's 
          boardinghouse.  Joe has brought a toy panda bear for Kelly.  
          Jill doesn't want it.  She tries to shut the door on Joe, but 
          he forces his way in.  Jill says that Joe has to pay for her 
          mistake.  Joe talks to Jill about the support payments. 

          Tom Winter shows up at the door.  Tom tells Joe to take Kelly 
          and Jill's things down to his station wagon.  Tom tells Joe 
          that Jill and Kelly will be staying with him for a while.  Joe 
          asks Tom Winter if Susan knows yet. 
Scene 4:  Eli Carson greets Dr. Rossi at the Elliot Carson house.  Rossi 
          learns that Marsha Russell is the prospective tenant.  Marsha 
          wants a short term lease, just through the summer.  She tells 
          them that she can't afford to spend what they are asking.  
          Marsha says that her husband won't be living there.  Marsha 
Scene 5:  Rodney picks up Betty and carries her into their house near the 
          Shoreline Garage.  She says it is beautiful.  She tells him 
          that he forgot to take the key out of the door lock.  They go 
          up the stairs and discover the large poster of themselves on 
          the bed.  There is a note with the poster from Norman and Rita. 

Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi comes home to the beach house and goes directly to 
          the refrigerator and gets a beer.  Joe comes in and they talk. 
          He tells Joe that Marsha came over to the hospital.  She does 
          not want Joe dating her daughter, Carolyn.  She is concerned 
          that Joe is older than Carolyn.  
Preview:  Rodney talks to Rita.  Susan talks with Tom.  Joe talks with 
          RH:  Every business venture is a gamble.  Now we could go 
               into this with the best intentions and still fall flat 
               on our face.  I can't do it.
          SW:  Why don't you pretend I'm one of your ailing 
               parishioners and try to lift my spirits.
          TW:  You don't have a headache and you know you don't. 
          JR:  You do want it right between the eyes don't you?
          CR:  Is there any other way?
          JR:  It's just that you're a kid.  That's all.  A number of 
               years for you.  A number of years for me.