Episode 439.
          Rodney is uneasy concerning Norman's motorcycle business plans. 

WA:       Norman Harrington has been waiting most of his life.  Waiting 
          for the right moment to strike out on his own.  To prove to 
          himself he's his own man and not a reflection of anyone else.  
          Today, Norman senses that the waiting is over.  All he needs to 
          officially declare his independence is his brother's 
          cooperation.  But his brother, Rodney Harrington, has just 
          returned from a brief honeymoon.  Norman knows that Rodney's 
          desire to cooperate will be based on Rodney's own assessment of 
          the needs of his new family. 
Intro:    Rodney has walked from his and Betty's house past Sparhawk 
          Employment to the front of the Shoreline Garage where Norman is 

Scene 1:  Norman says, "Well you're late again Mr. Harrington.  What's 
          your excuse this time?"  Rodney replies, "I guess I didn't hear 
          the alarm go off."  They go inside to talk.  Norman says that 
          he hears them grinding the axe at the mill.  He expects to be 
          terminated.  Rodney tells Norman that he can go to work there 
          at the garage.  Norman suggests expanding the business and 
          going into partnership.  Norman shows Rodney the deposit slip 
          that Eddie Jacks got from Peyton for $50,000.  Norman tells 
          Rodney he is considering opening a motorcycle shop using the 
          money he was given indirectly by Martin Peyton by way of Eddie 
Scene 2:  At the old Fred Russell house, Carolyn and her two friends are 
          playing around with wigs, lamp shades, and costumes.  
          Dr. Rossi knocks and is admitted by Carolyn who is wearing a 
          brunette wig and spectacles.  There are Triangle Van Lines 
          boxes sitting all around the livingroom and the rest of the 
          house.  Dr. Rossi tells Carolyn that he would like to talk with 
          Marsha.  Carolyn introduces the doctor to her friends, Pat 
          Porter and and Lydia MacLaughlin.  The girls entertain him 
          until Marsha comes down.  Rossi mentions that the door bell 
          doesn't seem to work.  Rossi tells Marsha that Eli Carson will 
          be glad to rent her the Carson house.  Marsha wants a short 
          lease.  Marsha allows that she does not like hospitals.  

          The door chimes sound and Carolyn answers the door.  It is 
          Eli Carson with the lease.  Marsha emphasizes to Eli that it is 
          just for the summer.  Rossi pats Marsha on the back and wishes 
          her good luck.  He tells Carolyn to stay on the medicine til 
          Saturday and then switch to diluted water.  He steps 
          outside, rings the chimes, and departs. 

          Eli shows Marsha the short-term lease. 
Scene 3:  Upstairs, in bed, in the manse, Susan picks up the telephone 
          and asks Jill to come up for a moment.  Jill comes in to attend 
          Susan.  Susan claims that she has a spliting headache.  Susan 
          asks Jill if she should fill in for her making rounds with Tom 
          that day.  Jill agrees to do just that. 

          Jill leaves and Tom comes in and asks Susan what is wrong.  
          Susan says that she has asked Jill to take her place on rounds.  
          Tom tells Susan that he knows that Susan is not sick. Susan 
          gets out of bed and goes to the door.  She watches Tom and Jill 
Scene 4:  Rita Jacks Harrington is in the apartment listening to the 
          a record on the grammaphone.  She is drying dishes as she hears 
          a knock on the door.  Rodney comes in and asks if Norman is 
          there.  She says that he called ten minutes ago and will be 
          there shortly.  Rodney wants to talk with Norman about the 
          partnership.  He tells Rita that the partnership is not a good 
          idea.  Peyton gave the money for Norman.  Rodney does not want 
          to gamble with Norman and Rita's money.  Rita tells Rodney 
          that it will hurt Norman if Rodney says no.  

          Norman arrives and says a man drove down from Boston and is 
          waiting to see them at the Shoreline Garage concerning the 
          motorcycle shop.  
Scene 5:  Marsha is relaxing on the sofa talking on the phone with the 
          moving company as the door chimes ring.  Joe Rossi has come in.  
          Marsha asks Joe if Carolyn is expecting him.  Marsha tells Joe 
          not to show up at the door without an invitation.  Joe 
          apologizes for taking Carolyn out without having an actual 
          date.  He tells Marsha that he has decided not o take Carolyn 
          out any more. 

          Carolyn shows up.  Joe talks with Carolyn.  Marsha invites Joe 
          to leave.  Joe leaves. 

          Marsha talks briefly with Carolyn.  She says that Joe was 
          afraid Carolyn wouldn't want to spend any more time with her so 
          he wanted to hurt her first. 

Preview:  Betty talks with Rodney.  Steven talks with Susan.  Carolyn 
          talks with Joe. 
          BA:  Now when you got up this morning, you were in the garage 
          RH:  Oh, but that was this morning.  That was before my tycoon 
               brother walked in and offered me a partnership. 
          SC:  You came all the up here for a drink?  
          SW:  Isn't that possible?  
          SC:  Well, If I were naive, I'd say yes.  
          SW:  Suppose I told you that I came up here for more than one 
          CR:  I am not a little girl.
          JR:  Your mother didn't waste any time agreeing with me.  
               Right, little girl? 
          CR:  I am not.
MEL:      In scene 2, the writers try to create the idea that Dr. Rossi 
          is somewhat inept, not being able to ring the door chimes.  
          Other instances occur in previous and following episodes.  He 
          has trouble cracking eggs and cooking.  He has trouble 
          administrating the hospital staff.  He lets miss Choate push 
          him around. 

Pat Porter, a friend of Carolyn Russell.
Lydia MacLaughlin, a friend of Carolyn Russell.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.