Episode 440.
          Eli Carson gets a phone call from Constance and Elliot.

WA:       Tonight, Carolyn Russell took the first opportunity to walk out 
          of her home to find Dr. Michael Rossi's young brother, Joe, and 
          let him know exactly what she thinks of him.  Joe humiliated 
          her in front of her mother, and although Carolyn kept cool and 
          refused to give Joe a sense of triumph, she is now ready to 
          fight back. 
Intro:    Carolyn walking on the wharf up to the Cider Barrel. 
Scene 1:  Carolyn comes in the Cider Barrel and goes to Joe's table.  She 
          tells him quite well.  She is going to the library.  

          Tom and Jill have come in and are sitting at the counter by the 
          door.  Carolyn speaks to the Reverend on her way out.  Joe 
          leaves, speaking to Winter and asks about Kelly.  Tom orders 
          three hamburgers and three sides of french fries to go.  Joe 
          mentions that Mrs. Winter is watching the baby.  Joe leaves. 
Scene 2:  At Rodney and Betty's house, Betty is cooking as Rita, Norman 
          and Rodney come in.  Rodney apologizes for being late.  Norman 
          says that they ate seafood at the wharf.  Rita had gotten Mrs. 
          Winter to care of the baby.  Norman is making motorcycle 
          sounds.  The Harrington four talk motorcycles.  They have 
          already eaten seafood at the wharf.  Betty puts the meal in the 
          Betty says, "Now when you got up this morning, you were in the 
          garage business."  Rodney tells Betty that Norman and Rita got 
          a windfall from grandfather Peyton.  Betty fixes coffee as they 
          continue to talk. 
Scene 3:  In the Winter home, the manse, Susan is listening to piano 
          music on the grammaphone and lounging on the lounge.  She gets 
          up to change LP's and thinks she hears something.  She turns 
          the music off and quickly goes upstairs and gets in bed.  

          Tom and Jill come in.  Tom says he has some phone calls to 
          make.  Jill knocks on the door and comes in to see how Susan is 
          doing.  Jill thanks Susan for taking care of Kelly.  Susan 
          thanks Jill for taking her place with on Tom on his rounds.  

          Jill has brought a sack of hamburgers and 3 side orders of 
          french fries.  Jill tells Susan it was an experience she will 
          never forget.  Susan says that she is starving.  Jill hands her 
          a hamburger.  Jill talks about the Lambert farm and how he told 
          the five Lambert children about the trip their father was going 
          to take.  Susan says that Tom is capable of great things.  Jill 
          says that he is doing great things. 

          Tom comes in to join Susan and Jill.  Tom brings in the coffee 
          which he has re-heated.  Jill leaves.  Tom tells Susan that he 
          missed her.  They talk.  Susan asks if Jill was an adequate 

Scene 4:  Elliot has placed a phone call to Eli.  Eli is delighted to 
          hear from his son and daughter-in-law.  They discuss the cabin, 
          the house, and baby Matthew. 

Scene 5:  Susan comes into Steven's outer office and speaks to miss 
          Nolan.  She is asked to wait but instead goes right on in to 
          see Steven.  He is on the phone negotiating a settlement.  
          Susan says that she is there for more than one drink. Susan 
          tells Steven about setting up Tom and Jill. 
Scene 6:  Carolyn Russell, Lydia MacLaughlin, and Pat Porter, are walking 
          across the square.  The Colonial Post Inn is in the background.  
          Joe Rossi is seen approaching the square.  He goes over and 
          talks to the girls.  The other two girls leave Carolyn and Joe 
          alone to talk.  Carolyn tells Joe that she knows he is the 
          father of Jill's baby. 
Preview:  Marsha talks to Carolyn.  Tom talks with Susan.  Jill talks 
          with Joe. 
          MR:  Now you seem to be accusing me of something.  You like 
               to spell it out?      
          CR:  I don't think so.  I don't like the taste of soap. 
          TW:  You should have discussed this with me.
          SW:  I know I should have discussed it.  But, I was angry.
          TW:  You still should discuss it with me.
          JS:  How many times do I have to slam the door in your face? 
               Leave me alone. 
          JR:  Jill, you were made in my image.  I need to be loved. 
               Can't you understand?

The very last appearance of Constance and Elliot.      
Lambert farm.
Lydia MacLaughlin, friend of Carolyn.
Pat Porter, friend of Carolyn.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.