Episode 441.
          Susan catches Jill and Joe in the livingroom of the manse.

WA:       Joe Rossi, Dr. Michael Rossi's young brother, has never been 
          able to accept the fact that Jill Smith, the mother of his 
          child, has flatly refused to have anything to do with him.  He 
          has tried the waiting game with Jill, assuming the passage of 
          time would soften her anger.  But today, another young girl, 
          Carolyn Russell, laughed off Joe's advances.  For Joe, it is 
          one rejection too many.  Now he is determined to force his way 
          back into Jill's life. 

Intro:    Joe walking on the wharf.  He goes over to a pay phone booth 
          outside the Tavern.  He places a call. 

Scene 1:  Tom Winter answers the phone but the caller (Joe) hangs up.  
          Jill asks who it was.  Tom says it must have been a wrong 
          number.  They hung up. 

Scene 2:  In the Carson [Mackenzie] house, now rented by the Russells, 
          music playing from the grammaphone is playing loudly.  Dr. 
          Rossi arrives at the front door and is greeted by Eli Carson.  
          Dr. Rossi says that he was visiting the Woodfields around the 
          corner and that he wanted to stop by to see if they would like 
          to go out to dinner that night.  He suggests 8:00 o'clock.  
          Marsha says 8:00 o'Clock will be just fine.  Rossi leaves. 

Scene 3:  Carolyn asks her mother, Marsha, if she is really going out 
          with Dr. Rossi.  Carolyn asks why she can't go out with his 
          brother.  Marsha says that they are both going out with him. 

Scene 4:  Rev. Winter walks into his chapel and finds Susan sitting in a 
          pew toward the front.  Susan explains to Tom why she drinks a 
          lot.  She mentions Mrs. Butler.  Jill comes in.  Tom and Susan 

Scene 5:  Betty and Rita talk in the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle shop.  
          They discuss business and Betty mentions how she feels left out 
          not understanding what is being said. 

Scene 6:  At the Peyton mill, Joe gets off a fork lift truck and goes 
          over to a pay phone.  He calls telephones the manse.  Jill 
          answers, carrying Kelly.  Joe talks a while using a false 

Scene 7:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Dr. Rossi, Marsha, and Carolyn are 
          seated by the hostess.  Carolyn asks her mother what they 
          usually have to eat there.  Marsha asks Dr. Rossi if he does 
          his own cooking.  Rossi says he eats out a lot.  Carolyn asks 
          if it is romantic being a bachelor doctor.  Rossi calls Helen, 
          the waitress over.  Carolyn announces that she has a headache 
          and leaves.  

          Rossi and Marsha stand up.  Rossi says, "You aren't going after 
          her, are you?"  The waitress asks if they would like more time.  
          Rossi asks if this is the first time she has been out since her 
          divorce.  She says that it is.  Rossi says he is honored.  
          Rossi orders two very nice steaks from Helen.  

Scene 8.  Jill Smith comes in the manse and finds Joe Rossi tickling the 
          ivories on the organ.  She tells Joe to get out.  She tells him 
          that the Winters will be home any moment.  Joe gets up and 
          forcefully kisses her.  

          Susan Winter comes in and catches them.  Susan berates Jill 
          Smith for letting this happen.  Susan reminds Jill that she is 
          in a church.  Jill runs up the stairs and Tom comes in and asks 
          her what happened.  Jill doesn't answer.  Tom asks Susan what 
          happened.  She tells him that Jill and Joe were "making love." 

Preview:  Tom talks with Jill.  Joe Rossi talks with Dennis and Carolyn. 

          TW:  I have to know how I failed you.
          JS:  What's wrong with just cutting out?  I've done it before.
          TW:  I have to know how I failed you. 
          JS:  Don't pull that on me.

          JR:  [music] Why don't you dance yourself over to a table and 
               rest up,  Huh? 
          D:   When I'm tired.  
          CR:  Well, why don't we sit down?

Mrs. Butler, parishioner of Rev Tom Winter, and the Wayside Church.
Woodfields, neighbors of the Russell's.
Helen, waitress at the Inn.
Joe forcefully kisses Jill.