Episode 442.
          Tom Winter convinces Jill not to leave. 

WA:       Tonight, Carolyn Russell is looking for an escape.  A way out 
          of the intense pressure she feels.  The pressure of her 
          mother's divorce.  A simple opportunity presents itself.  A 
          local rock band is playing at a nearby discotheque.  And 
          Carolyn accepts a casual invitation to drop in.  All in all, an 
          escape that is routine and acceptable.  One that her mother 
          would approve.  Except that the discotheque is located off the 
          wharf, very close to the Harrington Brothers Bike Shop, and Joe 
Intro:    A pickup truck with sideboards carrying a sign advertising the 
          Pillory Rock Band, rounds the corner and stops.  Carolyn gets 
          in the back with two other girls.  Joe walks up and almost gets 
          hit by Norman riding on a motorcycle. 
Scene 1:  Joe Rossi fusses at Norman.  Rita sticks up for Norman.  She 
          says that Norman was doing a road test.  Rita invites Joe to 
          join them at the Shoreline.  He says it is not his bag.  But he 
          sees some girls going in and he decides to join Rita and 
Scene 2:  Inside the noisy Shoreline teen hangout, Nancy is singing and 
          playing the guitar.  Carolyn Russell is there with some of her 
          friends.  Rita asks Norman to dance.  Joe Rossi tries to cut in 
          on Dennis and Carolyn.  Carolyn says she wants to continue 
          dancing with Dennis.  Norman intercedes, Joe backs off and a 
          fight is averted. 
Scene 3:  At the manse, Jill is preparing to leave.  Tom Winter walks up 
          and asks why she let Joe make love to her.  Jill denies that 
          anything like that ever happened.  Tom insists on knowing how 
          he failed her.  Tom eventually talks her out of leaving.  Jill 
          and Tom go upstairs as Susan watches. 
Scene 4:  In Betty and Rodney Harrington's converted barn-house, Betty is 
          trying to move furniture.  She almost tips over a hutch.  She 
          calls for help from Rodney.  Rodney takes his sweet time coming 
          down to rescue her.  He picks her up and carries her upstairs 
          to bed. 
Scene 5:  In the Russell [Carson-Mackenzie] house, Dr. Rossi is sitting 
          on the livingroom sofa as Marsha brings him a cup of coffee.  
          Marsha says that he is the first man that she has entertained 
          since her divorce.  Marsha seems to have the same television 
          set that Constance Mackenzie had in this same room.  Carolyn 
          comes home escorted by Jeff Kramer.  Marsha greets Jeff by 
          name.  Carolyn mentions that she noticed an ambulance 

Preview:  In the hospital, Jill cries as Tom comforts her.  Carolyn talks 
          to Marsha.  Steven talks with Rodney.  
          TW:  Jill, don't cry.
          CR:  You can forget about daddy and go out with whomever you 
               like.  If it's Dr. Rossi, that's just fine.  But Joe Rossi 
               is off limits. 
          SC:  I bug you.  I always have.  But now more than ever.  
               Because we both slept with the same woman. 
          RH:  Get out.

Nancy, Shoreline singer-uncredited.
Dennis, teenager-Robert Dunlap.
The Pillory Rock Band quintet debuts in this episode.
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.