Episode 443.
          Tom and Jill counsel an un-wed mother-to-be. 

WA:       Tonight, for the first time since her divorce, Marsha Russell 
          has been out with another man.  With Dr. Michael Rossi, who 
          must have shared her enjoyment of the evening, or he wouldn't 
          have done his best to prolong it.  In fact, when a boy from 
          Carolyn Russell's high school crowd escorted her home, they 
          discovered her mother and Dr. Rossi still lingering over a cup 
          of coffee.  To Carolyn, her mother's date was a betrayal. 

Intro:    Outside the Russell [Carson-Mackenzie] house.  Marsha Russell 
          walks over and sits in front of a three-section vanity mirror.  
          She admires the image in the mirror.  She gets up and goes to 
          the door.  [Constance uses the same mirror in episode 172.] 
Scene 1:  Marsha opens the bedroom door and goes in to Carolyn's room.  
          She says, "You're still up."  She sits in an easy chair.  
          Marsha asks if Jeff's group plays at the Shoreline regularily.  
          She continues to ask questions.  Does he go with Bonnie Fishel?  
          Carolyn says he plays the field.  Carolyn admits to her mother 
          that she was rude when she walked out on the dinner with Dr. 
          Rossi.  Marsha says that they will have to adjust.  Carolyn has 
          a small TV and a grammaphone in her room. 
Scene 2:  In the beach house, Dr. Rossi and his young brother, Joe, talk.  
          Joe asks Michael how the dinner at the Inn was.  Joe remarks 
          that he helped Michael get his foot in the door with Marsha. 
Scene 3:  Brief outside view of Doctors Hospital.  Inside, Tom Winter 
          talks with and counsels Edith, an un-wed mother-to-be.  He asks 
          Edith if the baby's father knows about the baby.  Jill asks if 
          it would be all right if she talked with Edith alone.  Tom says 
          go ahead.  Jill talks with the girl and explains that she is 
          Rev. Winter's secretary.  Jill relates to Edith that she had 
          her baby all alone.  Jill tells Edith that she still has a 
          chance.  Edith confides that her boyfriend works for Hastings 
          Lumber in White River.  His name is Jimmy Darrell.  As they 
          leave the hospital room, Jill begins to cry.  Rev. Winter takes 
          her in his arms, hugs her, and caresses her hair, and tells her 
          not to cry.  They look deeply into each others eyes. 
Scene 4:  Rossi comes in the corridor, carrying Kelly.  He asks Jill what 
          was the matter with the reverend, he seems upset.  She said 
          that Tom found out that the father of Edith's baby works for 
          the Hastings Lumber company. 
Scene 5:  In her room at the Winter house, Jill has put Kelly in her crib 
          and is combing her hair, as Tom knocks.  He comes in and they 
          talk.  She asks if Kelly woke the reverend.  Tom tells her that 
          he sometimes can't help feeling deeply about the people he 
          works with.  He mentions some errors she made on his sermon 
          notes she typed up for him.  [Back in those days, they didn't 
          have word processors, they had secretaries.]  Jill says that 
          she understands that hugging her in the hospital was just part 
          of the job. 
Scene 6:  Susan is in bed.  She hears Tom just outside her door.  She 
          calls, "Tom?"  But he doesn't go in.  He goes on downstairs.  
          She follows him downstairs and finds him sitting, thinking, 
          brooding.  She goes back upstairs without bothering him. 
Scene 7:  In the shop, Rodney is measuring.  Betty is helping.  
          Rodney now has a rollaway bed instead of the cot which Lee 
          Webber slit in episode 310.  Rodney finishes and goes over and 
          hugs Betty.  

          Steven comes in, unexpectedly.  He says he understands that 
          Rodney and Norman are going to start a new business.  He tells 
          Rodney he wouldn't believe how many handshakes turn into 
          lawsuits.  Rodney asks Steven why he crashed the wedding.  
          Steven reminds Rodney, he got him off on a murder charge.  
          Steven tells Rodney that there is no place for emotions in 
          business.  Steven allows that when the Peyton mill was sold, 
          the first item of business was to get rid of Leslie Harrington. 

          Steven leaves.  Betty tells Rodney that she loves him. 
Scene 8:  Jill comes in to see about Susan.  She tells her that Mr. 
          Winter is on the phone and wants to talk to her.  As she 
          reaches for the phone, Susan falls out of bed.  
Preview:  Marsha Russell talks to Dr. Rossi.  Jeff Kramer talks to 
          Carolyn.  Rodney talks to Norman. 
          MR:  I never understood what was wrong with me.  Well, I think 
               you'll admit that I have difficulty trusting any man. 
          MR:  Any man?
          JC:  Why did you start encouraging types like Joe Rossi?
          CR:  Did I thank you for helping me get rid of him?         
          JC:  Yes, but that's not what I asked you.
          NH:  Are we running a business or a hobby.  Or are we here just 
               killing time?  Are we going to make it? 
          RH:  We'll make it Norman, without Steven.
          NH:  We should hire him.
          RH:  No.

Edith, un-wed mother-to-be--Pam McMyler.
Jimmy Darrell, un-wed father-to-be--only mentioned.
Triple mirror.
Bonnie Fischel.