Episode 444.
          Steven warns Rodney about the motorcycle contract.         
WA:       The Rev. Tom Winter has spent the long hours of the night 
          walking along the wharf, the nearby rocky coast, and the back 
          roads around Peyton Place.  He has had to face a truth about 
          himself.  To admit that he has feelings for young Jill Smith.  
          Feelings that he must fight, if he is to remain true to his 
          calling, if he is to remain married to Susan Winter.  This 
          morning, Tom has concluded that the only way to control his own 
          emotions, is to repair the fragments of his marriage.  
Intro:    Tom Winter walking on the wharf.  Tom places a call home from a 
          pay phone booth. 
Scene 1:  At the Winter house, Jill answers the phone.  Tom asks to speak 
          with Mrs. Winter.  Jill goes to Susan's room and tells her that 
          Tom is calling on the phone.  As Susan reaches for the phone, 
          she falls out of the four-poster bed knocking over the phone 
          and a breakfast tray.  Jill comes around the bed to try to 
          help.  She takes the phone and leaves.  [The phone was probably 
          already unplugged.]  Susan stands up.  She goes over to the 
          dresser and puts on a pair of sunglasses.  She falls back in 
          bed and Jill comes back in with the phone.  She almost falls 
          out of bed again but Jill catches her.  Jill closes the window 
          shade.  Jill says that she told Rev. Winter that Susan was in 
          the shower.  Jill helps Susan to the shower and pushes her in 
          the shower, with her clothes still on. 
Scene 2:  Carolyn walks by a dune buggy and goes into the Shoreline Cafe.  
          The door is on ground level.  Carolyn walks down the stairs.  
          Jeff is scoring an arrangement with his right hand as he 
          fingears the keyboard with his left.  Carolyn mentions that 
          Jeff was conspicuously absent at music appreciation in 
          school, that day, the day before, and the day before that.  
          Carolyn talks with Jeff about Mrs. Harkness the music teacher.  
          She warns him about the consequences of cutting class.  Carolyn 
          and Jeff go up the stairs and leave in his dune buggy.  Carolyn 
          tells Jeff that she loathes, despises, and detests Joe Rossi. 
Scene 3:  At the Harrington motorcycle shop, Jeff's dune buggy has just 
          driven by the gasoline pumps with the brand TANA.  Betty shows 
          up and says that another motorcycle shop has just opened up in 
          town.  Norman drives up in what appears to be Eddie Jacks' old 
          jalopy and tells Rodney that Steven has found too many 
          loopholes in the contract.  Norman suggests to Rodney that they 
          should enlist the help of Steven Cord.  Norman asks Rodney if 
          it would bug him to hire Steven.  Betty says that it would bug 
          her to have Steven as their lawyer.  Norman asks, "Are we 
          running a business, or is this a hobby?" 

Scene 4:  At his beach house, Dr. Rossi fixes drinks for himself and 
          Marsha.  Marsha comments that the cottage is a wonderful place 
          to live.  Marsha says that she and Fred were married for 18 
          years.  She said that Fred Russell was a good husband and a 
          good father.  Then she tells about her horrible experiences.  
          They talk for a long time. 

          Joe Rossi comes in the front door and talks briefly with Dr. 
          Rossi and Marsha.  Dr. Rossi tells Joe that he and Marsha are 
          going out to dinner.  Dr. Rossi leaves with Marsha. 

Scene 5.  In the Winter house, Susan Winter has prepared a candle-lit 
          dinner for two.  Tom comes in and asks what we have here.  She 
          has set a table for two.  Susan says that Jill and Kelly have 
          already eaten.  Tom sits down and then gets up and goes 
Scene 6:  In her room upstairs in the manse, Jill is sitting.  Tom comes 
          in and looks in the open door to Jills room.  He stares at her 
          for a while.  She stares back.  Tom then walks on. 
Preview:  Joe talks to Carolyn.  Steven talks to Norman.  At Mamasito's 
          Italian restaurant, Dr. Rossi talks with Marsha. 
          JR:  You know what you and your mother are?  You're two-bit 
               snobs.  You've got just enough to make a splash in a small 
               town pond. 
          SC:  I like your style, Norman.  But then I'm not the only one 
               am I?  Grandfather liked it enough to hand over $50,000. 
          Mi:  Are you still going to leave at the end of summer?
          Ma:  No. 

          Dr. Rossi and Marsha kiss.

Mrs. Harkness, music appreciation teacher-only mentioned.
Dune Buggy.
If Michael and Marsha had married, they could have had everything 
  monogrammed MR.