Episode 445.
          Dr. Rossi and Marsha Russell dine at Mamasito's.

WA:       Tonight, Joe Rossi is on the outside, looking in.  He saw his 
          older brother, Dr. Michael Rossi, take Marsha Russell out to 
          dinner after he had been asked by Dr. Rossi, himself, not to 
          bother Marsha's daughter, Carolyn.  To Joe, the door of the 
          Russell family somehow is open to his brother and slammed shut 
          against him. 
Intro:    Joe Rossi is walking toward the Russell [Mackenzie-Carson] 
Scene 1:  Joe Rossi apologizes for what happened at the Shoreline. 
          [episode 441 06-27-68 preview].  He just wanted to dance.  
          Carolyn fusses at Joe for coming on too strong.  Joe said he 
          fought in the golden gloves and he wants to take her to White 
          River to the fights, tonight.  Joe alludes to a pass key.  He 
          mentions Jeff's dune buggy.  Joe says that he is a high school 
          drop out.  He says that Carolyn and her mother are two bit 

Scene 2:  Marsha and Dr. Rossi are dining out at Mamasito's Italian 
          Village Restaurante.  He pours her a large drink.  She pours 
          half of it into his glass and says that they will share.  
          Marsha asks the Dr. Rossi why he became a doctor.  He says that 
          it was a means to an end.  Rossi talks about the database he 
          set up at his practice in New York.  It used 3 by 5 index 
          cards.  They eat and leave.  Outside near the car, they talk 
          about déjà vu.  That is the way he is 
          feeling now.  They kiss. She says, "Oh, Mike."  He asks if she 
          wants to go home. 
Scene 3:  Norman is doing paper work at the apartment, as Steven knocks.  
          Norman invites him in.  Steven hands him the revised franchise 
          agreement.  They have an exclusive franchise for a 100 mile 
          radius.  They can buy repair parts at wholesale prices.  Steven 
          says he likes Norman's style.  Rita comes in and visits with 
          Steven for a while.  Steven leaves. 
Scene 4:  Jill, carrying Kelly, has arrived in the hospital in hopes of 
          seeing Dr. Rossi.  Nurse Choate tells her that Rossi is not 
          expected until tomorrow.  Jill sits on a bench outside Rossi's 
          office.  Eli Carson comes out and talks with Jill a while.  
          Nurse Choate takes the baby to show her to Carmen.  Carmen is 
          probably a nurse or secretary.  Eli and Jill continue to talk.  
          Jill tells Eli that she wants to talk to Rossi about Tom. 
Scene 5:  Marsha comes in and admits she is past her curfew.  Carolyn 
          says that her mother looks starry-eyed.  Carolyn asks if Rossi 
          kissed her goodnight.  She says its alright because she is 
          "back on the market."  Carolyn says that Fred called and wants 
          to see her tomorrow instead of on the weekend. 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Jill.  Sitting on their bikes, Norman 
          talks with Rodney.  Betty talks with Steven. 
          MR:  Look, I've known Rev. Winter for a long time. 
          JS:  And? 
          MR:  I don't mean that you are lying.  What I'm wondering is 
               whether or not you might have misinterpreted what 
          JS:  No.
          NH:  Lets take it a little easier going home, okay?
          RH:  We have to know what they'll do, don't we?
          NH:  But we don't have to crash and burn to find out. 

          BA:  I don't want you to drop by this evening, Steven.
          SC:  It didn't take you long to lose your cool, did it?
          BA:  I don't want you dropping by tonight, or any other night. 

Déjà vu-previously seen.
Pass key.    
Carmen, probably a nurse or secretary-only mentioned.
Dr. Rossi had used index cards to make notes on patients.
Mamasito's Italian Village Restaurante.