Episode 446.
          Mrs. Thomas, a welfare worker visits the Winters. 
WA:       Jill Smith is trapped.  Some weeks ago, she moved into the home 
          of the Rev. and Mrs. Tom Winter to work for them.  And to help 
          support herself and her baby.  Last night something happened in 
          the Winter home.  A small moment.  A gesture.  A look between 
          two people.  And now Jill knows she must do something about it. 

Intro:    Jill Smith walking east toward the side entrance to Doctors 
          Hospital.  The fire station is partially seen in the 
Scene 1:  Jill tells the duty nurse at the Information Desk that she has 
          an appointment with Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Rossi walks up and begins 
          to question her.  Rossi takes her into his office.  Jill says 
          that Rev. Winter stared her.  Rossi says that he has known Rev. 
          Winter for a long time.  Jill leaves.  Rossi picks up the phone 
          and requests the duty nurse to have Rev. Winter drop by. 

Scene 2:  A pickup pulling a two wheel trailor delivers two motorcycles 
          to the Harrington Brothers Motorcycles, Inc.  Four 
          teen-aged boys drive up and ask about the motorcycles.  After 
          they fill their gas tank, Rodney asks the boys to come back 
          later in the afternoon.  

          Steven Cord comes up and starts to discuss some business 
          problems.  Rodney and Norman begin to unload the motorcycles 
          from the trailor. 

Scene 3:  Steven sees Betty on the wharf and speaks to her.  The Chowder 
          Pot seafood eatery and the stairs up to Mrs. Hewitt's boarding 
          house are in the background.  Steven and Betty walk along the 
          wharf together.  Steven tells Betty that he would like to drop 
          by that night to discuss some business problems.  Betty tells 
          him that she doesn't want him to drop by. 

Scene 4:  Jeff is playing the piano in the Russell house.  Carolyn is 
          helping him study.  They talk about classic musicians.  
          Loway in 1687.  Beethoven."  

          Marsha comes in and greets Jeff and Carolyn.  They talk a 
          while.  They talk about musician Johann Georg Albrecthsberber. 
          Mrs. Russell mentions Richard Harrison.  The phone rings.  

          Carolyn springs up and answers the phone.  It is Fred Russell.  
          They chat a while and agree to a tryst at the Cider Barrel at 
          2:00 o'clock that afternoon. 

Scene 5:  In the Winter manse, Jill is downstairs pacing as Susan comes 
          in with refreshments.  Rev. Tom is sitting on the couch. 

          Mrs. Thomas, the welfare worker, comes down the stairs and 
          remarks to Jill that baby Kelly is beautiful.  She asks Susan 
          how long she and Rev. Winter have been married.  Tom says 7 
          years.  She asks why they don't have children and how long he 
          expects to be with his present congregation.  Mrs. Thomas asks 
          about how they would feel if Jill were to move on.  [It appears 
          that the producers and writers want to make a social comment 
          about now intrusive and incompetant that government workers 
          are.]  Mrs. Thomas seems worried about Tom being attracted to 

          Mrs. Thomas leaves.  Susan says, "Quite an investigation."  
          Jill goes upstairs.  Susan says, "We're ideal."  Tom is 
          worried.  He goes into the sanctuary and stares at a stained 
          glass window. 
Scene 6:  Rodney and Norman are riding motorcycles in the country.  
          Norman suggests to Norman that they take it easier going back 
Preview:  Jill talks with Tom Winter.  Carolyn talks with her father.  

          JS:  Look, Reverand, I didn't want to come here.  I didn't want 
               to make the sandwich.  I didn't want to get within ten 
               miles from your desk.  I just wanted to stay in my room. 
          TW:  Why didn't you?

          CR:  If you just sat down and talked things over.  You do want 
               to get together again, don't you? 
          FR:  Honey, you're just going to have to accept the fact that 
               your mother and I don't love each other any more.  We're 
               going to have to close the book on that part of our life. 

Nurse-Jacqueline Mayo.
Mrs. Thomas, welfare worker-Stanja Lowe.
Mrs. Franks, welfare worker was uncredited.  Episode 303.
Fred Russell-Joe Maross.
Johann Georg Albrecthsberber.  1767 to 1809, Kappelmeister of St. Stephen's 
  Cathedral in Vienna, Austria.