Episode 447.
          Carolyn has a heart-to-heart conversation with her father.  
          Fred tells her that he will be moving to Boston. 
WA:       The Rev. Tom Winter has just heard his home described as an 
          ideal environment for young Jill Smith and her baby.  His 
          home is not ideal.  Because Tom Winter has been fighting 
          against his feelings for Jill for some time now.  A fact which 
          his wife, Susan suspects, and for reasons of her own, enjoys. 
Intro:    Tom is standing in the sanctuary as Susan comes in and sits in 
          the second pew on the left of the congregation. 
Scene 1:  Susan asks, "What time is your next sermon, Tom?"  He says, "As 
          soon as I find something worth preaching about."  She suggests, 
          "How about conscience?"  Susan leaves. 
Scene 2:  Susan goes through the livingroom and checks the appointment 
          book on her husband's desk.  Susan calls the operator and asks 
          for a ringback on 555-2100 to test the phone.  The phone rings.  
          Susan says, "How bad is she?  Oh, Arthur, that's terrible, I'll 
          leave right away."  She tells Tom that her friend Jean Wilbur 
          has been hurt in a car wreck.  She asks Tom to go to Boston 
          with her.  He says he has too many appointments today.   He 
          asks her if she can make it by herself.  She says she will call 
          from Boston. 
Scene 3:  Fred goes to see Marsha.  He has been transferred to Boston.  
          They talk at length.  The phone rings.  Marsha answers and 
          talks with Dr. Rossi.  He wants to chat but it is not a good 
          time for Marsha.  Fred says he is glad that she is going out 
          again.  She asks Fred if he has told Carolyn that he is 
          leaving.  He thanks her for not giving the real reason for the 
Scene 4:  Betty is at the top of the stairs as Rodney explains some 
          details of motorcycle repair to Norman, "You loosten the set 
          screw and the whole fitting comes loose."  Norman adds, "But 
          you can't get to it until you remove thw whole clutch 
          assembly."  Rodney suggests entering one of the cross country 
          bikes in a motorcycle race to build business.  Betty suggests 
          that she ride.  Rodney says that it is not as dangerous as it 
          looks.  Betty says that she couldn't stand it if anything 
          happened to Rodney. 
Scene 5:  At the Cider Barrel, Fred Russell sits down at a table with 
          Carolyn.  Charlie walks over with a towel on his shoulder.  
          Carolyn orders, "A jumbo combination with cheese on the burger 
          and chili on the hot dog.  And may I have both potato salad and 
          cole slaw.  And a chocolate milk shake very thin."  Fred orders 
          "a double bi-carbonate on the rocks."  Carolyn tells Fred that 
          she doesn't like to have her father rationed.  Carolyn says it 
          didn't take long for Marsha to get over her her post-divorce 
          blues.  Carolyn says that Rossi isn't at all like Fred.  
          Carolyn says she wants to go home.  She leaves. 
Scene 6:  Carrying a tray, Jill comes in to annoy Tom Winter.  She has 
          brought him some sandwiches and coffee.  He is working on the 
          new budget.  Jill asks if Mrs. Winter.  He asks her if she 
          heard the phone ring.  He gets curt with her.  She said that 
          she didn't want to come here.  He gets rude and testy with her 
          and storms out. 
Preview:  Jeff talks to Carolyn.  Ada talks with Steven.  Fred talks with 
          Dr. Rossi. 
          JC:  What did Joe want?  You like his kind?  Groovy.  The 
               next time you two have a quarrel, count me out, Okay.
          AJ:  What are you going to do with that note?
          SC:  It wouldn't be too long before the police started 
               asking the same questions.  Eddie is gone.  That leaves 
               Norman and Rita to come up with the answers.
          FR:  Is this a casual thing, or are you two serious?
          MR:  I don't think this is any of your business.
          FR:  Carolyn is my business.

Fred Russell-Joe Maross.
Carolyn Russell-Elizabeth "Tippy" Walker.