Episode 448.
          Steven steals the incriminating $50,000 paper.

WA:       Tonight, the Rev. Tom Winter angrily left his house at the 
          height of an argument with Jill Smith.  Jill has refused to 
          accept his explanations of his recent behavior toward her.  To 
          Jill, his reaching out for her, his stares, all add up to a 
          man's feelings for a woman.  Tom denied this, and denied it, 
          and denied it, until the denial itself became an admission.  
          Now, somehow, Tom must deal with the truth and the state of his 
          marriage to Susan Winter. 

Intro:    Tom walks up the steps of the bandstand.  The Peyton Place Fire 
          Station sign is seen. 
Scene 1:  Eli comes over and talks with Tom Winter.  Eli gets 
          philosophical.  He says that Norman and Rita's marriage is 
          coming along real fine again.  Eli thanks Tom for helping save 
          Norman and Rita's marriage.  Eli says, "It's like the sun.  We 
          know it's there.  We take it for granted, and without it, we'd 
          be in darkness." 
Scene 2:  In the Winter home, Tom knocks on Jill's door and speaks to 
          her.  Jill puts on her housecoat and goes to the door.  Jill 
          apologizes to him.  Tom wants to call it an understandable 
          mis-understanding.  They talk.  Tom says he is muddled and 
          confused.  Jill offers to leave. 
Scene 3:  In Boston, Steven is riding in a limousine.  He is going to see 
          William "Bill" Kennerly, Jr.  He gets out without bothering to 
          pay the driver.  [It is inferred that Bill Kennerly, Jr. sent 
          the ride for Steven since he didn't have to pay the driver.  
          There is an interesting camera shot of Steven getting out from 
          inside the vehicle through the open roof in a smooth 
          transition.  This scene must have used hand held camera 
          technique, before the day of steady-cam. 
Scene 4:  William "Bill" Kennerly, Jr. whose office in in room 307, 
          complains to Steven about all the papers they found scattered 
          all around Peyton's clinic room.  He is concerned with the sale 
          of the Peyton Mill.  Bill asks about the $2000 for drapes.  
          Bill asks who Eddie Jacks is.  Bill asks about the $50,000 that 
          Peyton promised to pay Eddie Jacks.  There is no explanation.  
          Steven says to file it under personal.  Steven "accidentally" 
          dumps a pile of papers.  He steals the paper which has a 
          notation of the $50,000 deal. 
Scene 5:  In the Cider barrel, Jeff and Carolyn are talking about the 
          test and eating.  Joe comes in, gets his order, and speaks to 
          Carolyn.  He leaves.  Jeff accuses Carolyn of using him to put 
          on Joe Rossi.  Jeff calls Joe a creep. 
Scene 6:  Rossi is drinking coffee at the Colonial Post Inn.  Fred 
          Russell comes over and introduces himself to Dr. Rossi.  Fred 
          asks if Rossi is having lunch with Marsha.  Rossi says their 
          talking is inappropriate.  They talk about Marsha.  He says 
          Carolyn is his business.  Rossi says that Boston is not that 
          far away.  

          Marsha arrives, Fred speaks to her and leaves.  Rossi and 
          Marsha sit at Fred's table.  The bartender is Mr. Draper. 
Scene 7:  Marsha and Dr. Rossi talk and have dinner and talk about Fred 
          and Carolyn.  Rossi calls Ellie, the waitress, over and gives 
          her the order.  Marsha orders coffee. 
Scene 8:  Steven comes into the Tavern.  Ada says, "were not open."   He 
          talks to Ada about the $50,000 that Peyton and/or Leslie, by 
          way of Eddie, gave to Norman and Rita.  Steven wants to tie up 
          loose ends.   Steven tells Ada that Peyton had the agreement in 
          his briefcase when he checked into the Boston clinic.  Steven 
          thinks that Leslie hired Eddie to knock off Peyton, and that 
          Peyton purchased the incriminating note. 

Scene 9:  Susan comes home and gets a drink.  She takes off her shoes and 
          walks upstairs.  She finds Tom still up.  She rambles on.  Tom 
          walks over and slaps her.  His face is expressionless. 
Preview:  Susan talks with Tom.  Steven talks to Betty.  
          SW:  Clue me in.  I do not know what you're talking about.  
          TW:  The plan, Susan.  The plan.  The one you have been 
               hatching ever since you brought that girl in here.
          SW:  I don't want to listen to you.

          SC:  I'm here now with another scrap of paper.  And my policy 
               is to show them everything.  Particularily this one.   
          BH:  You are like "The Angel of Death."  It will be a cold day 
               when you bring good news. 

William "Bill" Kennerly, Jr.-Don Dubbins  
Mr. Draper-bartender, head waiter.