Episode 449.
          Rodney and Norman crash their motorcycle.
WA:       Susan Winter has gambled with her marriage.  A few hours ago 
          she took advantage of Tom Winter's reaction to the visit of a 
          welfare worker who pronounced the Winter home an "ideal 
          environment" for Jill Smith and her baby.  She saw Tom's 
          bitterness, his contempt for himself.  Immediately, on the 
          pretext of a trip out of town to visit a suddenly ill friend, 
          she left the house to Tom and Jill.  Now Susan knows her 
          marriage is at stake.  But she is betting on herself and on her 
          intuitive understanding of her husband. 
Intro:    Susan Winter walking outside the manse.  She comes inside, 
          takes off her shoes, and climbs the stairs. 
Scene 1:  Susan goes to her bedroom where Tom is waiting.  She talks a 
          moment and Tom slaps her.  She asks him why he did that.  He 
          says because she is lying.  Tom leaves. 
Scene 2:  In the Russell kitchen, Marsha comes in and says, "What's all 
          this?"  Carolyn has taken the orange juice out of the fridge 
          and goes over to the toaster and gets two slices of toast.  
          Carolyn offers to fix bacon and eggs.  Marsha suggests high 
          protein cereal.  They come to an understanding. 
Scene 3:  Steven drives up to the motorcycle shop and asks for the 
          Harrington Brothers.  He talks with Betty.  He tells her about 
          the $50,000 contract he picked up in Boston.  Betty compares 
          him to "The Angel of Death."  They go out and get in his car. 
Scene 4:  Tom Winter walks by the library.  And is called to by Dr. 
          Rossi.  Rossi invites him to dinner.  Rossi suggests a sandwich 
          at the drug store.  Rossi wants to talk about Jill.  Tom 
          brushes him off. 
Scene 5:  Carolyn comes in the Cider Barrel and starts talking to Rita.   
          Carolyn introduces herself to Rita.  Rita has been hogging the 
          counter space.  Carolyn asks Rita what it is like being 
          married.  They talk some more and Rita leaves. 
Scene 6:  Outside of town, the bikers are biking.  Rodney and Norman ask 
          David, the biker if he will help them become motorbike racers.  
          Norman and Rodney ride off on the bike and Steven and Betty 
          seem to be on a collision course.  They crash. 

Scene 7:  Betty gets out of Steven's car and rushes over to help Rodney 
          who has hit a tree.  Steven runs over to Norman. 
Preview:  Miss Esther Choate talks to Joe Rossi.  Norman talks to Rita.  
          Betty talks to Steven. 
          MC:  Your brother said he was meeting you.
          JR:  What's up.
          MC:  An emergency.  Tell him to call me at the hospital 
          NH:  Dr. Rossi doesn't know how bad it will be until after the 
          BH:  Here you are again demanding to be part of my life.  
               You're going to destroy us.  It's true. 
David, biker-uncredited.
"Angel of death"-Steven Cord.