Episode 450.
          Aftermath of the motorcycle accident.

WA:       Rodney Harrington and Steven Cord have been on a collision 
          course for many years.  Rodney was born and raised in the world 
          of Martin Peyton, the obvious heir-apparent.  Steven came from 
          that world, too.  But the circumstances of his life kept him at 
          arms length from the wealth and dignity that was his 
          birthright.  Tonight the lifelines of these two half-brothers 
          intersect with sudden and shocking violence. 
Intro:    Norman and Rodney speeding along on a motorcycle.  Steven and 
          Betty speeding along in Steven's convertible. 
Scene 1:  Steven stops and runs over to the Harrington brothers.  He 
          tells Betty to get the blanket from the back seat of the car.  
          Norman isn't injured badly but Rodney is paralyzed. 
Scene 2:  Joe Rossi is operating a ®Hyster as he is called to the 
          phone.  He gets off the forklift and picks up the phone near 
          the loading dock.  It is Miss Choate at the hospital.  She 
          tells him of the emergency.  Joe goes to the Cider Barrel and 
          tells his brother about the accident.  Rossi goes over to the 
          pay phone and asks the man using it to give it up for an 
          emergency call.  He does. 
Scene 3:  At the hospital, Miss Choate is talking to Betty and Norman.  
          In another room, the doctors, Michael Rossi, Harry Miles, and 
          a doctor Lodge are looking at Rodney's x-rays.  The other 
          doctors leave and Rossi talks privately with Dr. Harry Miles. 
Scene 4:  Rossi goes out in the corridor and talks with Betty and Norman.  
          Rossi talks to Betty in his office.  He tells her that Rodney 
          has a neck injury and is paralyzed.  They must operate soon.  
          Rossi says that Rodney has always been in good physical 
          condition, that is a great advantage when going into surgery.  
          Norman comes in and asks Rossi for the details.  Rossi tells 
          him that Rodney has a spinal cord injury.  Rossi and Norman 
          leave.  Steven goes in to talk with Betty.  Betty says, "You're 
          going to destroy us.  It's true."  Steven leaves. 
Scene 5:  At the apartment, Rita is putting clothes away and looking at 
          the alarm clock.  She hears footsteps.  She thinks it is 
          Norman, but it is Joe Rossi.  Joe tells her what happened.  
          Rita says that she and Betty had played on the motorcycles and 
          they both knew that Norman and Rodney would probably get hurt.  
          Norman says that Rossi won't know how badly Rodney is hurt 
          until after the operation.  Rodney was driving.  Norman was the 
          passenger.  They hit a tree and Norman was injured only 
Scene 6:  Betty is pacing outside the hospital.  The doctors are inside 
          again looking at the x-rays.  Rodney is unconscious.  Rossi 
          refers to Dr. Lodge as "Dr. Mike."  Dr. Miles is giving orders.  
          The doctors say a lot of doctor things.  Rodney opens 
          his eyes and says he can't move his arms or legs. 
Preview:  Carolyn talks with Marsha.  Dr. Miles talks to Rossi.  Jill 
          talks with Rev. Tom Winter. 

          MR:  I can't imagine Joe Rossi being ...
          CR:  What I'm really trying to say is that Joe does think and 
               feel.  He's not an animal.
          HM:  Don't wait too long.  It has been my sobering experience 
               that when the patient dies, we've usually waited too long.  
               There's a very great possibility in this case. 
          JS:  Let me out of here.
          TW:  No, you don't.
          JS:  Please, let go of me.  Let go of me.
          TW:  I'm not going to let go of you.  Do you understand that?  
               I'm not going to let go of you.

The ®Hyster was the premieré forklift of the era.
Dr. Harry Miles-Percy Rodriguez.
Dr. Kingman-Sam Gilman.
Dr. Lodge-Ruth Storey.
Ruth Storey worked with Robert Blake in In Cold Blood.