Episode 451.
WA:       A few hours ago, Rodney Harrington was thrown from a motorcycle 
          losing consciousness immediately, regaining it only moments ago 
          in Doctors Hospital.  Rodney's wife, Betty, was a passenger in 
          the car that forced Rodney to swerve his bike and lose control.  
          Now, unknown to her, Rodney has come to and believes he has 
          lost the sensation of feeling. 
Intro:    Betty walks into the main entance of Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi asks Rodney if he can feel anything.  Rodney tells 
          the doctor that he can't. 
Scene 2:  Rodney is wheeled out of his hospital room, into the corridor, 
          and then to surgery. 
Scene 3:  The Shoreline Cafe and teen hangout with what passed for music 
          in that day.  Jeff mentions a successful taping session at 
          Lydia's.  [McLaughlin]. 
Scene 4:  Carolyn leaves the Shoreline and speaks to Joe Rossi.  Joe is 
          pushing a motorcycle.  Joe tells Carolyn that Rodney has been 
          injured and is in the hospital.   
Scene 5:  In the Winter house, Susan is playing solitaire [uding actual 
          playing cards] and drinking.  She tells Tom that she is bored 
          and wants to go somewhere.  Susan suggests that Tom take Jill 
          to dinner.  Susan tells Jill that she will stay home and baby 
          sit with Kelly.  Tom suggests that Jill make a sandwich and 
          take it up to her room.  Susan goes upstairs.  Tom grabs Jill 
          and kisses her.  Tom angrily leaves the house. 
Scene 6:  In the Russell house, Carolyn goes in and talks with her 
          mother.  Carolyn tells Marsha about Rodney's motorcycle 
          accident.  Carolyn says that Joe had told her about the 
          accident.  Carolyn says, "Joe does think and feel.  He is not 
          an animal." 
Scene 7:  At the hospital Information Desk, Tom Winter asks for Dr.  
          Rossi.  Miss Choate tells him that Rodney Harrington has had an 
          accident and that Dr. Rossi is with him.  Tom talks to Rita and 
          Norman.  Rita asks Tom to talk with Betty.  Tom does not want 
          to intrude.  Tom goes in and Betty asks him if it is over.  Tom 
          offers to go away. 
Scene 8:  Norman talks to Eli and tells him that no news is good news.  
          Eli says that Rodney is young and strong.  Eli suggests that 
          they go to the store and work. 
Scene 9:  Back in the hospital, the doctors are conferring.  Rossi is 
          taking an angiogram. 
Preview:  Betty talks with Rossi.  Susan talks with Tom.  Leslie talks 
          with Steven. 
          BH:  No.  
          MR:  Betty.  
          BH:  No.  
          MR:  Listen to me.  
          BH:  I want to see him.  I want to be there.  Where is he? 
          SW:  I can stop my drinking any time I want to.  Can you stop 
               your problem with Jill any time you want to?
          SC:  It was an accident.  The police have the report.  Check 
               with them. 
          LH:  I intend to.  You're not going to get away with it.  
               I'll tell you that.  Not after what you've done to my 
               son.  You're not going to get away with it.

Lydia, taping session.  Lydia is one of Carolyn's closest friends. 
Back in 1968 people used actual playing cards to play solitaire.  
  [Scene 5].