Episode 452.
          The day after Rodney's surgery.
WA:       Last night, Rodney Harrington underwent emergency surgery after 
          he was thrown from a motorcycle.  Today the results of the 
          operation must be analyzed, analyzed and reported to Rodney's 
          wife Betty. 
Intro:    Dr. Rossi putting x-rays on the viewer. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi explains to Betty what was involved in the operation.  
          They saved Rodney's life but he is paralyzed. 
Scene 2:  Betty goes in to see Rodney. 
Scene 3:  Leslie comes to the hospital and speaks first to Norman.  
          Norman says that Rodney came out of the coma before the 
          operation.  Rodney is in traction and a nurse is attending.  
          Leslie talks to Rodney.  
Scene 4:  Norman tells Leslie how the accident happened.  Norman tells 
          Leslie that Steven was driving the car.  Steven asks Leslie how 
          Rodney is.  Leslie is furious with Steven.  He says, "you're 
          not going to get away with it." 
Scene 5:  Joe Rossi asks Dr. Rossi how Rodney is.  Dr. Rossi says that 
          they don't know yet.  As Joe is leaving, Tom Winter comes in to 
          talk.  Tom tells Rossi about Susan's drinking problem.  He says 
          that it has nothing to do with Jill.  Tom is embarassed about 
          her drinking. 
Scene 6:  Back home, Tom talks to Susan.  She is a brunette.  Tom says 
          that they have to talk.  She says, "I've got a problem.  Sounds 
          like a quiz show."  Tom says that she must admit that she is an 
          alcoholic.  She says she can quit any time she wants to.  She 
          asks him if he can "give up his problem with Jill any time he 
          wants to." 
Scene 7:  Steven and Leslie talk about the accident and what happened 
          before the accident.  Steven hands Leslie the promissory note 
          he gave to Eddie. 
Preview:  Steven talks with Norman.  Susan talks with Tom. 
          SC:  When I offered you my services, you pleaded my case to 
          NH:  Why can't you just leave them alone, Steven?  
               Everything you touch is sick.  The only reason you had 
               any part of our business so you could stay close to 
          SW:  What's the matter.  Can't you stand the truth?  You accuse 
               me of chasing Jill out of this house.  Well, did it ever 
               occur to you that she may just have left because of you? 
          TW:  She didn't leave because of me. 
          SW:  Oh, didn't she?  Why wouldn't she after she found out 
               what you wanted?

Dr. Harry Miles-Percy Rodriguez.