Episode 453.
08-05-68  Democratic National Convention.
08-08-68  Democratic National Convention, nominates Lyndon Johnson.
          Jill leaves the Winter house.

WA:       Steven Cord has given up the weapon he had planned to use 
          against Rodney Harrington.  The weapon was a promissory note 
          signed by Rodney's father which involved a murder plot against 
          Martin Peyton.  Steven had determined to show the note to 
          Rodney to cause discension between Rodney and his wife, Betty.  
          Now, Rodney is fighting for his life in Doctors Hospital the 
          victim of a motorcycle accident.  An accident caused by Steven.  
          And there is no need for a weapon against Rodney.  Rodney has 
          been hurt enough, far beyond Steven's wishes. 
Intro:    Steven Cord walks up to the hospital.  He goes inside, speaks 
          to miss Choate in the corridor, and sits on a bench.  Steven 
          gets up and goes into the x-ray room. 
Scene 1:  Steven demands, as Rodney's half-brother, what his condition 
          is.  Rossi and the other doctors are evasive.  
Scene 2:  Betty comes home to the converted barn-house near the 
          Shoreline, to find Rita working away in her kitchen.  Betty 
          goes upstairs.  Rita takes coffee up to Betty.  
Scene 3:  In the Winter home, Tom is sitting and reading as the phone 
          rings.  He calls for Jill to get the phone.  She doesn't 
          respond so Tom answers the phone himself.  He picks up the 
          phone.  No one is on the line so he goes upstairs to check up 
          on Jill.  Jill is gone.  Tom goes to Susan's room to ask where 
          Jill is.  Tom accuses Susan of forcing Jill to leave.  Tom 
          leaves to look for Jill.  Susan goes on and on about going to a 
Scene 4:  In front of the Harrington bike shop three bikers take off.  
          Steven comes in to talk to Norman.  Norman is doing a good 
          business so Steven has to wait a while.  Norman says that 
          Rodney may never walk again.  Norman asks Steven to leave. 
Scene 5:  Tom is walking on the wharf.  He goes in the Cider Barrel.  
          Charlie greets Tom.  Tom looks aroung and leaves.  He goes up 
          to the boarding house and runs into Eli coming out.  Eli asks 
          if anything is the matter.  Tom says there has been a 
Scene 6:  In the Peyton mansion, Steven is pouring a drink.  He hands it 
          to Susan.  Susan says that Jill just took off.  He 
          congratulates her.  That was what she wanted, to convince Tom 
          that he is not worthy to serve God. 

Scene 7:  Tom goes to the hospital and speaks to miss Choate.  She gives 
          him some messages and says that Mrs. Newton wants to see him.  
          Tom insists on talking to Dr. Rossi.  Miss Choate calls him and 
          Tom takes the phone to tell the doctor he must talk with him, 
          right then. 
Preview:  Betty talks with Leslie.  Tom talks with Joe Rossi. 
          BH:  I'll make it up to him as much as anyone can.  
          LH:  If Rita said that, I'd believe her.  I'm warning you 
               Betty, don't ever fail my son. 
          BH:  Get out.
          TW:  Where is she?  
          JR:  You've got me.
          TW:  You've been with her.
          JR:  We just met, haven't we honey?
          TW:  Where is she?  [Shouting]