Episode 454.
          Tom Winter continues his obsessive search for Jill.

WA:       The Rev. Tom Winter has been searching for Jill Smith for many 
          hours now.  He has found no trace of the girl.  Jill apparently 
          left his home with her baby some time during the night.  It is 
          obvious to Tom Winter that Jill left because of him.  Because 
          of the intense pressure he has put upon her.  He has been 
          unable to control his feelings for her.  At this moment Tom 
          faces a crisis.  His home, his church are ahead of him.  The 
          girl that has tormented him is somewhere.  Tom Winter knows 
          that he must make a choice. 

Intro:    Tom Winter walks along Glover Street, across from the Pharmacy, 
          by the Pillory, across the street toward Doctors Hospital.  He 
          goes in the side entrance. 
Scene 1:  Tom goes to the Information Desk in the hospital reception 
          room.  Miss Choate hands him several messages.  He tells her he 
          must see Dr. Rossi immediately.  She calls Dr. Rossi and Tom 
          grabs the phone.  He tells Rossi he must see him, right then.  
          Rossi is shouting at someone on the phone as Tom barges in.  
          Tom asks Rossi how Rodney is.  Rossi says that he is the same.  
          Tom asks where Jill is.  Rossi doesn't know.  Tom leaves. 
Scene 2:  Betty comes down the stairs in her house near the Shoreline 
          carrying a plant and answers the door.  Leslie is coming to 
          tell Betty goodbye.  Leslie says he has a taxi waiting.  He 
          notes that Betty's house is a converted barn.  He says 
          she must find it picturesque.  Betty says that Rodney will walk 
          again.  Leslie asks why she was in the car with Steven.  He is 
          not satisfied with her answer. 
Scene 3:  In Rossi's office, the doctor starts to dial and then hangs up.  
          Marsha knocks on the door and comes in.  He says that he was 
          just about to call her.  She says that they can talk about that 
          later.  She says that she remembers when Rodney scored the 
          winning touchdown in a homecoming game.  Rossi says it was 5 
          years ago.  His first year in Peyton Place.  They talk.  They 
          kiss.  They Talk.  They kiss again. 
Scene 4:  At the Cider Barrel, Tom is sitting at the counter.  The 
          register shows $0.60.  An elderly lady rings up $1.00 sale.  
          Susan comes up and asks him if he has found Jill yet.  
Scene 5:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Andy is dancing.  Ada tells him 
          positively no dancing.  Andy says his foot is asleep.  And hers 
          is slso.  Tom Winter comes into the Tavern.  He asks Ada to 
          talk privately with her.  Tom tells her that Jill is missing.  
          He has checked everywhere and can't find her.  Ada says Jill 
          can take care of herself.  Tom asks about Joe Rossi.  Ada tells 
          Tom to go home.  Tom thanks her and leaves. 

Scene 6:  Ada goes in the back room and talks with Jill, who Ada has been 
          harboring.  Ada notes thae Kelly finally dropped off to sleep.  
          Jill asks to stay just a little while longer.  Ada says she can 
          stay as long as she needs.  Ada tells Jill that Tom thinks she 
          ran off with Joe Rossi.  Ada has business so she leaves Jill. 
Scene 7:  Tom is walking down a road.  He stops to lean on his car in 
          front of the Shoreline dance hall.  He goes in the Shoreline  
          where teens are dancing and Jeff is playing.  He thinks he sees 
          Jill.  He shouts, "Jill."  She says, "Hello, Rev. Winter."  Joe 
          Rossi is dancing with a blonde, but it isn't Jill.  Joe says, 
          "I knew we both dug the same type, only I saw her first.  Of 
          course, I saw the other one first, too."  Tom asks Joe where 
          Jill is.  Joe taunts Tom and follows him up the stairs.  Tom 
          hits Joe and leaves.  
Scene 8:  Outside the Shoreline dance hall and cafe, Tom starts to get in 
          his car when he catches sight of Jill.  He starts to run after 

Preview:  Susan talks to Eli.  Tom talks to Jill.  Rodney talks to 
          SW:  Am I different from any other woman, any other wife?
          Eli: That's a fool question and you know it.  You have a 
               responsibility to those people out there and to your 
          TW:  I need you just as much as you need me.
          JS:  I don't want to hear it.
          TW:  Jill.  We need each other.  You need someone who will take 
               care of you and Kelly.
          NH:  What do you want me to do?
          RH:  Get the doctor right now.  I need him.
          NH:  Nurse.  Nurse.