Episode 455.
          Sensation returns to Rodney's left hand.

WA:       The Reverend Tom Winter has served his congregation faithfully 
          ever since he came to Peyton Place a year ago.  But the Tom 
          Winter in the chapel, in the hospital, in the homes of the sick 
          and feeble, and the Tom Winter who finds himself on a road 
          behind Ada Jacks' Tavern, are two different people. 

Intro:    Tom Winter leaves the Shoreline teen hangout.  He sees Jill 
          walking and watches her. 
Scene 1:  Tom calls out, "Jill."  Tom tells Jill that she needs him, that 
          they need each other.  Jill tells Tom that his wife needs him.  
          Jill says that she doesn't have the ability to help him.  Jill 
          mentions the fact that Rossi told her about the job interview.  
          Jill tells Tom that she doesn't love him.  Jill asks Tom to 
          leave her alone. 

Scene 2:  It is Sunday.  The organ is playing in the sanctuary.  Eli is 
          sitting beside Norman waiting for Rev. Tom Winter to make his 
          entrance.  Eli says the Almighty doesn't keep records (about 
          children who fidgit in church).  Rita says she didn't go to 
          church as a child.  She continues that they are lucky that 
          Rodney is alive.  Rita says she is there because she wants to 
          see Rev. Winter after the service.  The reverend is late, in 
          fact he isn't there at all. 
Scene 3:  Eli gets up from the pew and goes in to see Mrs. Susan Winter.  
          Eli asks if Susan if Rev. Tom is sick.  Susan says, yes, he is 
          sick.  She didn't feel up to telling them.  Eli insists that 
          the people should have the plain facts.  Susan finally admits 
          that she doesn't know where Tom is.  She says that he probably 
          is chasing after Jill Smith. 
Scene 4:  Eventually, Susan comes out and apologizes to the congregation 
          for her husband not being there.  She says lamely that he has 
Scene 5:  In the hospital, Norman goes in to see Rodney.  Norman tells 
          him about selling two bikes, 250cc two stroke twin.  Rodney 
          tells Norman to drop it.  Dr. Miles and a nurse come in to see 
          Rodney.  Rodney tells them that he has just felt something in 
          his left hand. 

Scene 6:  At Rodney and Betty Harrington's converted barn-house, the 
          phone rings and Betty answers.  Betty talks to Rodney.  Norman 
          holds the phone for Rodney.  He tells her that some feeling has 
          returned to his left hand.  She tells him that she'll be right 
          there.  She hangs up and leaves the house. 
Scene 7:  In his law office, Steven has come in to work this Sunday 
          morning.  Susan Winter comes into his inner office and talks to 
          him.  She tells Steven that her husband, Tom, was out chasing 

          The phone rings.  Norman is calling.  Norman tells him that 
          sensation has returned to Rodney's left hand. 
Scene 8:  Joe goes to the door of Dr. Rossi's beach house.  It is Jill 
          and she is looking for Dr. Rossi.  She was told at the hospital 
          that Dr. Rossi was home.  The doctor comes in and asks Joe to 
          get lost.  Dr. Rossi offers Jill a cup of coffee.  Kelly is at 
          the Tavern being tended by Ada.  She said that Tom Winter was 
          looking for her, and she needs a place to stay.  Mrs. Thomas is 
          on her case.  Jill does not want to tell the Child Welfare 
          Bureau about Tom.  

          Joe Rossi comes back in.  Dr. Rossi says that he wants Joe and 
          Jill to get back together for the sake of the baby.  Joe says, 
          "She's impossible, really impossible." 
Preview:  Carolyn talks to Marsha.  Susan talks to Tom.  Rodney talks to 
          CR:  You didn't get home until 3:00 o'clock this morning.  But 
               if I come in 15 minutes past my curfew, I get the third 
          SW:  Tell me what happened last night.  I've always told you the 
               truth.  I've never lied to you about my drinking.
          RH:  I may be the oldest man in this town with partial feeling 
               in my left hand and and zero feeling in the rest of my